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You want a ring that reflects your style and good taste, right? Of course, we all look for that. With so many diamond engagement ring styles available to choose from, you will find the perfect ring that shows your individuality. The hunt is all part of the fun when searching for that once in a lifetime diamond engagement ring.

Even before you start your ring search, think about your lifestyle, your style preferences in clothing and other adornment. Do you use your hands a lot during the workday? Nurses and certainly bakers can tell us how much their hands are involved in their everyday work life. Once you think through all these personal details of your own life, you’ll be better armed with a focused game plan on your hunt for that wonderful diamond engagement ring that says ‘You’ all over it.

Art Deco ring style

If your personal style leans to the sophisticated and self-assured side, may we suggest you take a look at the timelessly elegant category of Art Deco diamond rings? These chic rings carry with them a certain confidence of understated fine design that draws eyes of admiration wherever they are seen. Art Deco jewelry is often characterized by its straight lines which incorporates distinct geometric shapes like trillions, hexagonal cuts, rectangles like the classic emerald cut, even chevrons and octagons.

First of all, what is Art Deco exactly? For that we have to look back about 100 years ago. A design period called the Art Deco era spanned from 1920 - 1935. It was an era of industrial revolution and forward gazing –hopeful young people saw nothing but a bright future ahead of them. Young women of that time wore Art Deco diamond jewelry which reflected this sweeping optimism.

Every era has its corresponding jewelry types. Just prior to the Art Deco era, was the Edwardian times with its fragile looking finely crafted diamond jewelry - but it was still referencing the earlier Victorian times somewhat. The frilly overly -feminine style of the Edwardian era jewelry went out and new times required a fresh take on jewelry. Art Deco jewelry can be defined as that ‘new’ look utilizing geometric lines and modern architectural elements. During Art Deco’s height, there were also the famous Egyptian expeditions that unearthed the fabulous culture and influence from Egypt’s ancient past. So naturally, the Art Deco period embraced elements of Egyptian Revivalism into its motif.

For the most part you’ll see clean lines, modern almost geometric or architectural lines in classic Art Deco diamond jewelry pieces. While round and step cut diamonds were the stone shape of choice, we can find that the call for geometrical lines in this exciting era brought square shaped diamonds to the fore. When set next to each other, step cut - or squared and emerald cut diamonds help form seamless ribbons on light across the finger and around the wrist.

White metals became all the rage especially for aristocratic patrons of fine jewelers. White gold, which has a different alloy combination than yellow gold first appeared commercially around 1912. It reached its height of popularity during the 1920s. Platinum emerged in the early 20s as the elite white metal of wealthy consumers. Britain’s Queen Mother had a lovely diamond ring commissioned in the 1920s; a classic Art Deco 5 carat emerald cut diamond ring supported by side baguette cut stones, in a platinum mounting of course. The rest of the fashion world followed suit. Soon all stylish brides and society ladies wanted platinum and diamond jewelry.

Art Deco ring style

Today white metals still reign as the most favored and classic metal choice for Art Deco diamond jewelry. This goes for original antique Art Deco pieces, and modern made Art Deco style diamond rings. Modern brides pick the metal of their choice, because contemporary Art Deco style rings are produced in both platinum and gold. Platinum is a lovely hefty metal offering a white look which softens with age to a highly coveted patina recognized on the priciest pieces. But one can opt for white gold too which has its own charm, boasting a highly reflective shine. The choice is yours.

Many of the main diamonds in an Art Deco diamond ring are emerald cut stones. These popular stones are always considered top-drawer. There’s a simple explanation for that. With the large table facet and elongated side facets, the naked eye has a clearer view into the diamond itself. So cleaner stones with higher color grades are typically selected for this cut.

Best Brilliance believes that every bride should be able to have exactly what she envisioned her bridal jewelry would look like. We believe you should have plenty to choose from – and not just a few selections that you have to settle on. Isn’t it time you let the diamond experts at Best Brilliance enjoy learning about your love story, and what you’ve been dreaming of for your diamond ring?

At Best Brilliance, we never tell you what to choose - rather we listen and let you guide the direction of the search. Don’t forget that with so many rings to choose from, it may seem daunting at first. But we want to learn about your style, and preferences, and also the budget you’re most comfortable with. Buying a ring is something you shouldn’t do alone. Allow our experts the honor of going on this journey with you and together we’ll find just the one that says “Get Me!”. Happy Hunting.