Bridesmaids Jewelry Sets - Sparking Jewels for your Wedding Entourage

Bridesmaids Jewelry Sets - Sparking Jewels for your Wedding Entourage - Best Brilliance

You’re making loads of lists right now, aren’t you? It’s your wedding! So much to do, and even if you’re a normally a very organized person - this is not the time to leave any detail undone. That’s because this is the most important moment of your life - thus far. And, you want to make it perfect. And you know what? You can!

While you’re writing down all the things that will make this a day to remember for you - don’t forget there are others that feel this is their day too - for very different reasons. We’re talking about your maid or matron of honor, bridesmaids, the best man, the groomsmen, that darling flower girl and little ring bearer, and of course the parents of the happy couple. In many ways, this day will be something for them to recall time and again over their lifetime too.

You want them to know how special they are and what they mean to you by being a part of this once in a lifetime moment. We’ve got some ideas on how to thank them and give them a loving remembrance of your wedding.

Gifts of jewelry for the wedding party is a time-honored way to say I love you and Thank You - for sharing our special day! Unlike other gifts that may only last a while, a gift of jewelry will be cherished by your wedding party forever. Each time they wear the item, they’ll remember being part of your wonderful wedding and relive the memories just like you do.

Jewelry for bridesmaid

Let’s think about the bridesmaids. These special women have always had your back and been there through thick and thin. A special gift lets them know how important a role they’ve played in the many chapters of your story. So that it doesn’t look like you are playing favorites, you might consider giving each one matching jewelry that enhances their bridesmaid dresses on your wedding day. Diamond studs are always a good idea. These jewelry basics belong in every stylish woman’s jewelry wardrobe anyway. But diamond pendants (depending the on dress they’ll be wearing) may be just the ticket to make them look extra-stunning. Diamond pinkie rings are a trend gaining popularity with modern bridal parties too. These delicate rings just may become their go-to piece every day from now on. How great is that?

We suggest a different diamond jewelry gift for your maid or matron of honor that shows her status in the wedding party. It might be a delicate gold and diamond accent bracelet - or something that is different from the rest of the party. After all, she’s played a special role in getting this day ready for you - and she’s been by your side the entire time showing her excitement for your special day. From planning your bachelorette party to helping with the details you’ve been planning - she’s been right there. Give her some love with a truly special gift that reflects the special bond of friendship you both share and will still have after the wedding day is over.

Some of the most charming attendants in a wedding are the flower girls and the little gentlemen ring bearers. This is usually the first big dress up event for both of these little tykes and you want to make them feel like little princes and princesses. Tiny pendants or baby stud earrings might be just the thing to make the flower girl feel like its her day too. For your little ring bearer, you may get a bit creative - because jewelry is really not their thing yet! But maybe a special bow tie or necktie could be. We’ll bet it will be the first one the little fella has ever owned. You can make it a teaching gift too by getting him a watch so he can begin to learn how to tell time.

The groomsmen can enjoy a thank you gift too on the wedding day. They’re feeling pretty special being chosen to accompany the groom to the altar to await his bride. These friends of the groom are taking great pride in celebrating your big day right along with you. Show your love with some sophisticated cuff links or maybe a sleek gold money clip. Think about something that they will end up using most of the time, so every time they do use it---they’ll recall this magic moment they were a part of.

bridesmaid jewelry sets

And like the maid or matron of honor, the groom’s best man has a prestigious status in the wedding party. By giving him something different than the other groomsmen - which is appropriate by the way, you’re showing him just how important he is - today and always.

At the heart of many weddings are the parents of the couple. They may be feeling overwhelmed seeing their children so happy and embarking on a new life together. What a milestone for the parents. They’ve dreamt about it since their son or daughter were little children. This is the moment to shower some love on them - for the support and love they have given over the years. Mom may be delighted with a diamond bracelet or a beautiful diamond pendant. You probably already know what she loves. A right -hand ring that she could wear on special occasions (like this wedding!) is a can’t miss gift. The fathers will take pride in chic cuff links (maybe with diamonds) or an engraved watch too.

These are not hard and fast rules - but each one of our suggestions can jump-start your imagination in thinking of the perfect gifts to enhance their remembrance of your special wedding day -just as you’ll cherish it for the rest of your life. Enjoy this wonder - filled moment in all of your lives.