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We can’t think of too many more milestones in life worth celebrating than a wedding anniversary. Along our paths in life, we all have moments to memorialize with friends and loved ones—and each one of these special days become part of the fabric of our lives. Birthdays, weddings, new births, and of course anniversaries. These moments all tell the story of our special journey over the years.

Reason to Celebrate

For those of us fortunate enough to enjoy an anniversary year after year, we understand the reason to celebrate! Whether it’s the first year or the 20th, let’s find some special rings worthy of marking these achievements.

Traditions Dictate Special Anniversaries

Actually there are some anniversaries which are considered quite important. Although we think every year together is wonderful and worth making a big deal over. But traditionally, it is said that every 5 years of marriage from the beginning is worth special acknowledgement. When you arrive at the 30th year, then the milestones are marked as special every 10 years. So you have plenty of dates to celebrate and lots of opportunities to fill them with brilliant diamond rings that symbolize the important dates in your life together.

Traditions also call the 60th wedding your diamond jubilee! So make sure you are ready with diamonds for that momentous occasion. We’re giving you plenty of heads up on that one. Historically, the 75th was the original diamond anniversary –as popularized in Queen Victoria’s time. And as much as we’d like to see every couple make it to that extraordinary day—we’ll also settle for all the ones that come before.

So Many Choices

When you first think about anniversary rings, often your mind goes to the gorgeous eternity bands which are distinguished by diamonds going completely around the entire shank. These can shimmer right along with the engagement ring, and maybe even a slim wedding band.

Some people enjoy wearing them solo or even on their right hand. The choice is the wearers since these are specialty items.

Let’s Hear it for the 5 Stone Ring

Another especially popular diamond anniversary band style is the 5 stone ring. This is a variation of the eternity band –and while it does not go around the entirety of the shank, it artfully displays the stones on the front of the finger where you can really show them off to admirers—including yourself.

Making a Big Splash

Want something with more pizazz than a simple eternity band or 5 stone ring? Consider the wide bands with multiple diamond rows. These highly dramatic bands are luxurious to look at and certainly make a statement. The overall impression is one of a sea of sparkle—glistening white light reflecting with every graceful gesture of the hand.

Rings for Anniversary

Go ahead Stack ‘em Up!

Want something a bit more trendy? We’ve got an idea for you. What’s more up-to-the-minute than some feminine stacking rings? They are super slender and delicate with accents that make each one distinct. So you can collect them in all the popular metal colors—pink gold, white or yellow. Stack ‘em high and change their order around at will. They are fashionable, yes, but these dainty rings are made to be changed around your engagement ring or worn separately as a signature style with your distinctive touch.

Any Ring You Want is Right

But any diamond anniversary ring you choose will be especially treasured with pride. It symbolizes the ongoing commitment of love between you too with many more years to look forward to.

If you are giving one of these sentimental rings to a loved one, you’ll discover how much it means to her. Whatever style you choose will leave a mark on her heart—reminding her every day how much your marriage means to you too.

Let’s Hear it for the Guys!

Here’s something you may not have thought about—but now’s a perfect time to consider this. How about an anniversary ring for him? Men are sentimental too even though they may show it less than the ladies. He wants to celebrate the journey you’ve been on together, and a man’s anniversary ring can be just the ticket.

Think of a band that is completely unlike his normal wedding band—this way it will stand out for sure with friends and family. It can be black diamonds even—these can create a very masculine look. Brown diamonds are another good option for the man’s anniversary ring. They lend a designer’s look to any jewelry item, so you’ve got plenty to think about.

If he normally wears yellow or white gold, why not consider an attractive two tone gold ring accented with white diamonds?

And since men’s bands are usually wider anyway, this is a perfect time for engraving a loving message (a short one!) inside the shank. It’s your life and you can live it just as you please.

Even Diamonds have a Story

For both men and women, take a look at blue diamonds for this special ring. They are the world’s most popular color by far for both genders. If you start planning early, you may discover that you can get coordinated rings for both of you on your big day. Wouldn’t that make this year’s festivities something never to be forgotten? When you think about it, diamonds are the perfect gemstone to commemorate your special love. Their hardness makes them pretty much indestructible. The extreme hardness means they will also be as scintillating decades from now—as they were the moment you exchanged your vows. Eternal, beautiful and rich with meaning—these stones perfectly express the commitment you too share.

Get this Party Started

Whatever you choose, keep in mind that diamonds of any color whatsoever will make this celebration unforgettable.

Best Brilliance has plenty of ideas to make your anniversary one to remember with rings that mark the most important wedding in history—yours! Let us share some ideas with you today and find out how this year’s celebration will be one for the books.