Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands - 2 in 1

Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands - 2 in 1 - Best Brilliance

Let’s get real. This is an exciting time in your life in so many ways. Getting engaged means making a lot of decisions together. It’s also really fun—because you are carving out a new life together. You’ll need to shop for your bridal jewelry soon. The engagement ring and later the wedding band is a beautiful symbol of your enduring love for one another. Fortunately, couples now have so many more options for personalizing their engagement rings and wedding bands than at any other time in history.

Today is all about you when you shop for your bridal jewelry—it’s what expresses your personal style and aesthetics. With so many engagement rings and wedding bands to choose from, you might wonder where to start. We’ve got an idea for you. Consider an engagement ring with its matching wedding band—they are really 2 in 1 and while they are stunningly beautiful to look at, you’ll be amazed at their comfort.

engagement ring and wedding band

Matching an engagement ring with a wedding band made for it is a gorgeous way to enjoy wearing your bridal jewelry. Think about it for a minute. You’ll be wearing these important rings every day of your life –for normal daily wear and also for evenings out. Make sure your rings are so comfortable that you almost forget you are wearing them. Some rings can make you eager to take them off to rest for a bit. A wedding set of matching engagement and wedding rings artfully designed to look gorgeous together and fit perfectly together are the most comfortable of all wedding jewelry.

Of course, you can look over all our options first. Selecting that stunning engagement in the style of your dreams is always a thrill. You will want to try on several wedding bands too to make sure they will look good together ---and give you a comfortable fit, so you won’t be fidgeting with your rings if they don’t sit perfectly on your finger. When you try on a matching set—with both engagement and wedding rings made for each other, you may never look back.

With the best designers creating matching wedding sets today, you are not going to ‘settle’ for what they have in this category—you’re going to discover such a wide array of styles, you’ll be amazed at the selection. We think your perfect wedding ring set might just be waiting for you in our collection.

A few of the benefits of selecting an engagement ring with a made-to-match wedding band are the styles offered.  Designers love to let their imagination soar when designing matching engagement rings and wedding bands as a set. That’s because they can unleash their creativity when creating these matching sets.  The engagement ring can be both stylish and couture in look. And the bride loves that custom look when she’s just wearing the engagement ring. But the wedding band is custom made to fit perfectly together (just like the couple getting married!) so it is meant to complete the entire design.

Things like intertwined diamonds, and fitted wedding bands that hug the solitaire add another layer of allure to the 2 rings. Engagement rings with matching wedding bands are always showstoppers. You’ll be surprised at how many people will ask for a closer look if you’re wearing one of these striking rings. And as we said, because the designers envisioned both rings fitting seamlessly together for a unified look, they have a comfort level that other rings find hard to match.

engagement ring with a wedding band

But you don’t have to do the search by yourself. That’s what our diamond experts are for here at Best Brilliance. They have extensive knowledge in diamonds and the latest styles, so they’d like to hear what you love and guide you to the exact ring ---within your budget too!

Your engagement ring can often become the focal point of your bridal jewelry search. But when you think it over, you may just be wearing that ring by itself for a few months. But you’ll wear the set, either an actual matching set—or the two rings that you’ve selected to be worn as a set.

We can’t over emphasize enough how important it is for you to wear the two rings together to make sure they fit comfortably on your hand. Think about your work also. If you use your hands a lot every day in your work, there are a few things to consider for comfort’s sake. Different styles of bands feel differently on different people. For instance, a woman with long slender fingers may find a wide shank ring to be completely comfortable. However, another bride with short fingers, especially if they are a bit fuller, may be surprised to discover that the wide shanks are not the ultimate comfortable ring---especially if she’s working a lot with her hands throughout the day.

You may ‘test drive’ a few engagement bands and wedding rings that –while they weren’t made as a set, you might consider them as your forever rings. 

Always keep in mind the bride’s personal style when browsing through our wide array of matching wedding ring sets. If the bride adores a sophisticated timeless style—she may prefer her wedding ring set to be sleek and classic. Her preference might be a simple plain band with one perfect solitaire diamond in the shape of her choosing. Princess cut diamonds make a stunning solitaire engagement ring. But everyone’s taste is unique. That’s why we have so many diamond shapes and carat sizes to choose from.

Now’s the time to think through your preference of metal choices---whether it’s white metals like platinum or white gold, or warm and lustrous yellow gold—you’ve got choices. Don’t forget the ultra-feminine rose gold—it’s a romantic option. And keep two-toned gold rings as a possibility too. If you wear both white and yellow metal jewelry—this is a lovely choice that will always complement your other jewelry that you want to enjoy wearing too. You may not have actually thought about getting your engagement ring and wedding band as a matching set before reading this. But we’d like to invite you to browse around our sparkly sets and then decide. Be sure to ask one of our diamond experts to guide you in searching out that perfect ring that you’ll cherish for a life time. You’ll be glad you did—and we’ll be glad you gave us the privilege of being part of your happy new life together.