Is it recommended to create a garnet engagement ring?

Is it recommended to create a garnet engagement ring? - Best Brilliance

You probably have noticed, these days, engagement rings are all about personal expression. Gone are the days when you simply walk into a jewelry store and select from what is on their tray. You can look for inspiration from what’s available—but your options are endless when it comes to the final design.

Personalization is the Way to Go

Classic engagement rings have mostly been made of diamonds, that’s true. But the trend for using gorgeous colored stones for the center has been gaining popularity over the past decade. It’s one more way to make a unique statement with your engagement ring, and create an unforgettable impression when others admire it.

You’re in Royal Company

Center stones of colored gemstones instead of diamonds are trending for sure—but if we dig a bit, we’ll find that people have been choosing lovely colored stones for ages. Think of Princess Di’s blue sapphire engagement ring—it’s now worn by Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge. How about Fergie, the Duchess of York’s fire engine red ruby engagement ring? That was a stunner. Her daughter, Princess Eugenie captivated fans when she showed off her padparadscha sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

So, if you’re considering a colorful center stone for your engagement ring, you’re in very good company---royalty to be exact.

Colorful Options

Here’s an idea that will be a gorgeous consideration. How about a garnet engagement ring? The wonderful thing with garnets is that besides being all-natural—no treatments necessary with these stones, they come in a wide variety of colors. Did you know that? Most often we think of red garnets, and it’s true. They are available in a wide variety of stunning natural tints, many more than you might have known.

Besides several shades of red, you can find garnet in purple hues, brown, eye-catching shades of tangerine and oranges, plus yellows. We’re not done. Deep cinnamon tinted has many devotees and so does the pretty pastel lavenders that is sometimes found in. Rarer still, but available are natural green garnets---they are real scene stealers. Green garnets are on the higher end of prices owing to their rarity. But when you think about it, even though your garnet may not be inexpensive, you can afford a much larger center stone of any color than you might be able to afford with a center diamond.

The rainbow of vivid colors produced by garnet is enhanced by their transparency and clarity. They make for striking jewelry and especially garnet engagement rings. That wide array of colors is another way to personalize your engagement ring, by selecting the colors that are meaningful to you. Wear what you like, and you’ll cherish it every day of your life.

Garnets also have a very long history as a beloved gemstone. Going back some 5,000 years ago, they were avidly collected by nobility to adorn their regal attire. Ancient Biblical writings and other early manuscripts occasionally mention garnets as being valuable gems for the priests or kings.

Durable and Beautiful

As with any stone you choose, you want your center gemstone to be durable to hold up to everyday wear. Garnets and other gemstones including diamonds are ranked on a hardness grading scale called the Mohs scale. Diamond is the very hardest of all-natural stones. But garnets rank 7.5 to 8.5 on the Mohs scale. This means it’s a durable stone suitable for the jewelry you’ll be wearing all the time including your wedding rings and engagement rings.

So if you’re like many modern brides, you want to customize your engagement ring for a very personalized look. Doing this means you’ll treasure knowing no one else has one exactly like yours. It also means that every time you look at your hands—which you will do many times during the day—you’ll love seeing your special ring.

A garnet of any color is likely to be much less than the same size diamond. Even the rarer stones, like spessartite (a dreamy peachy hue) or Tsavorite (the brilliant green shades) will give you a distinctive unique ring and still be affordable. That’s pretty much a win-win in our books.

Create a Ring to Be Envied

Look around at your friends and see what they created for their engagement rings. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover that none of them have a garnet engagement ring. This is a pretty good place to start! You want your engagement ring to be as unique as you are and as original as your own love story. You’ve got so many options with the colors. And you can select from a wide variety of gemstone shapes—much the same as you can do with diamonds. You can select an oval, a pear, a round, a princess cut, and many more shapes to suit the setting that you’ve selected.

There’s never been a more exciting time to go engagement ring shopping. Because there have never been so many choices for brides today. If you can imagine it in your mind, it can be made to your liking! While you’re thinking about what you want your rings to look like, take a peek at some gorgeous garnet stones and envision them as the centerpiece of your engagement ring. A garnet engagement ring is distinctive, striking and a gorgeous option for the modern bride. Could that be you? Good luck finding the ring with the stone of your dreams.