How to Shop for His and Hers Wedding Bands as Simple as Possible

How to Shop for His and Hers Wedding Bands as Simple as Possible - Best Brilliance

Did you ever think something so small could hold such big meaning? We’re talking wedding bands here. These simple bands of metal have so much sentimental value and become the most cherished piece of jewelry for both men and women—worn every day of your life together.

There are so many options to choose from now. And that makes shopping for rings a really exciting adventure. Sometimes you don’t know what you like until you see it, right? We’re here to take this journey with you and simplify how to shop for and find the perfect wedding bands.

This Takes Planning

We’re talking about his and hers wedding bands — the kind that silently shows the world you are a couple forever and ever. So much romance, so much commitment, and if we get the rings right, so much of your individuality is put into these small rings.

You want to do it right—you want to shop so that you know when you’ve found the perfect his and hers wedding ring sets. And they should be an expression of your personality and a treasured symbol of a love like yours.

Shopping made Simple

How do you go about shopping for his and her wedding bands in a way that stays joyful and creates some lasting memories along with your wedding adventure? By a little planning ahead—that’s the trick.

There are two people to consider, and you both may not agree on everything, but by thinking together about the rings you’ve envisioned, soon enough you’ll come to a consensus about what is right for both of you.

Ready? Great, let’s get started. There’s a lot to consider, but you’ll narrow it down to what both of you prefer.

Start with What you Like

A good place to start—even before you begin to shop is to discuss the metals you both prefer. There’s gold—but in that gold, you may select 14K  or 18K. Your options are also yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or two-tone gold, where both white and yellow gold are featured on the same ring. That stylish option is favored by people who own and wear both colors of gold jewelry and want to make sure their wedding rings look perfect along with their other jewelry. Don’t forget to consider platinum too. This classic luxury metal was at the height of its fame in the Art Deco era, and many people still believe it’s the ideal metal for bridal jewelry

Now ask yourselves if simpler is better with your wedding bands. It’s hard to refute the truth behind the timeless appeal of simple wedding bands for both men and women. They’ll look as stylish decades from now as they do today.

Designs Galore—But You Like One More

With so many designs available, the world of ring designs is at your disposal. Do you like romantic detailing in your wedding bands? This cherished jewelry style is certainly the epitome of romance, so think about that as well. Remember, you both have to love wearing your rings for the rest of your lives, so you’ll want to come to a consensus on the overall design.

There are other styles to consider. Art Deco was a sophisticated era, giving birth to square-shaped diamonds that were the perfect fit for the geometrical type of jewelry popular in the 20s and 30s. Of course, modern designs offer exciting and imaginative takes on bridal jewelry.

Put a few minutes into considering if diamonds are what you may want to accent your wedding rings. You may not want any - or you may be open to seeing designs with these additional glamorous details.

Once you’ve thought through the options that exist, and agree on what suits you both personally—now the fun begins. You’ve narrowed down the vast range of options to something to focus on—from that smaller range of rings, you’ll just be searching for the best of the best in the categories that you like.

Comfort is Paramount

Did we mention comfort? Oh, we should. Normally, women’s rings are slimmer than men’s rings. But they don’t have to be. They can be what you like. But you may not be used to wearing bands in these widths (if they are say, 5mm or larger). Try on some bands at a local store in the widths you’re considering. See how they feel. Are they very noticeable? Do you think you’ll be comfortable wearing them all day—every day with the normal activities that you usually do? Ultimately the wedding rings you wear should begin to feel like they are a part of you and soon you’ll not notice that they’re on at all.

Let’s Get those Rings!

You’ve already done the most important part—you’ve found the perfect partner for life. We’re celebrating with you. Now, with these tips that we’ve mentioned, you both can discuss together and focus on what appeals to you as a couple with your his and hers wedding rings. They will have your personal touch and have a wonderful love story behind them to tell your friends and family for decades to come.

It’s true what they say about wedding rings—they do become more cherished as every year goes by. Let’s find the rings that tell your love story to perfection!