Rings for women - popular shapes and styles

Rings for women - popular shapes and styles - Best Brilliance

Whatever styles and whatever diamond shapes your heart dreams up can be easily found today. Ladies have never had it so good as today—when looking for bridal jewelry and of course that all important engagement ring.

Time to Personalize a Ring

Certainly, every woman wants a ring that express her personal taste and is also an expression of the unique love story she shares with her spouse. But here’s something important that you shouldn’t overlook. First things first. What is the lifestyle of the woman? Is she very sporty and uses her hands all day long in work or play? In these cases, we can recommend low profile settings including those with bezel set stones which will not get caught and damaged. So many things to consider, but we have experts at Best Brilliance who are eager to guide you every step of the way.

Women with classic taste can always find their ideal solitaire ring—simple and timeless, bound to draw compliments year after year.

Trendy and feminine brides recognize that this year it’s all about the floral look in vintage vibe with its delicate detailing on the shank. And when that’s paired with rose gold—you have a match made in engagement rings heaven.

A Review of Popular Ring Styles and Diamond Shapes

This year, we’ve gathered a list of popular shapes and styles in the engagement category. It certainly gives you plenty to look over and consider when it comes time to go shopping. After all, an engagement ring is meant to be worn every day for the rest of your life—so you’ll want to take your time—review the options and then take the journey of finding the perfect fit for your style.

Enjoy looking through the collections for some very sparkling inspiration.

styled rings for women

Heavenly Halos Make a Dreamy Ring

Hidden Halo Engagement Rings - this lovely style has a hidden halo surrounding the main solitaire. It is usually a halo diamond setting with another halo set discretely under the main one—although it can be styled with the hidden halo completely under the solitaire stone. This trendy style does a couple of things for the main diamond. It offers additional sparkle because of the stones that are capturing and reflecting light. It adds a sumptuous ‘something’ that is hard to describe—but breathtaking to look at.

Vintage Makes a Personalized Statement

Vintage Style Rings - we couldn’t be happier to see the rise in demand for ladylike ultra-feminine vintage style bridal jewelry. Often they are in yellow gold or rose gold, both precious metal colors that were in vogue decades ago. But the detailing apparent in vintage is what draws many shoppers to this style. Be sure to take a look at some of the shapes that produce this charming trait. Marquise, cushion and pear shapes are just a few of the diamonds that were popular a century or more ago—but have staying power in modern vintage style jewelry.

Let’s Hear it For Pavé

Pavé Rings - what can we say, simply take a look at any of the pavé jewelry and try not to fall in love. In brief, this style is marked by a lush ribbon of diamonds set so closely together they seem to make a solid wave of sparkling light. The pavé style is super trending now because it displays an ultra-luxe vibe while showing off what jewelry stones do best—sparkle and reflect light all over. So with every lovely gesture of the hand, light is captured and reflected around the room. You don’t mind being the center of attention do you?

Smart LGD Choices

Lab Created Diamond Rings - is there anyone who hasn’t been talking about them lately? This is a wildly popular trend this year and for good reason. Many shoppers have several things in view on their shopping list. Beauty and durability has to top the list. You want your bridal jewelry to be exquisite and it has to be made to last a lifetime. But there are more things in the mind of shoppers now. Sustainability and eco-conscious choices rank pretty high. That brings LGD to the forefront of your options. They are gorgeous stones costing far less than earth mined diamonds.

The Diamond Shapes We Love Right Now

Oval Shape Diamonds – We have spoken about some of the most sought-after shapes women are choosing this year, like marquise, cushion cut and pear shape. Those are all feminine and stylish options worth considering. But let’s look at oval shape diamonds which are so popular now. The reason they are gaining momentum is because of how they look on the hand. The lovely oval shape has a slenderizing effect on the fingers of the lady—they seem to elongate the impression of her hands, making them more expressive and lovely. The oval shape also seems to make the size of the stone appear larger too. So whether you opt for earth minded diamonds, treated stones, LGD, or even a colored gemstone center stone, the oval is a gorgeous choice.

We know this is a lot of information to digest—but the more you consider, the easier it is to finally decide on what’s right for you. This is your moment to make your ring-dreams come true. Happy Hunting!