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Shop Online for a Bridal Necklace - Best Brilliance

Preparing for your big day means making almost endless planning decisions for everything from settling on the guest list to the location of your wedding and everything in between. For sure the bride is the center of attention on this most important day of her life. No detail should go untended. Once the dress has been chosen it's time to shift focus a bit to the bridal jewelry to finish the look of the gown.

The more you can do online the better

There are so many details of the wedding gown and the entire bridal party that need to be checked off the list—any time that you can tick off something from that list you feel more in control, right?

Did you know that you can successfully shop for your bridal necklace online and be assured of getting the best accessories for your big day? It’s true. With some well-thought-out planning, your first choice will be your best choice. So, let’s get going on this fun search, ok?

The first thing you want to look at is the type of wedding gown you’ll be wearing. Is it classic, and tailored? Does it have simple timeless lines and a less-is-more vibe to it? Ok, that’s a great start. If that’s the case, you can either go with very elaborate and detailed jewelry or select a supremely simple necklace to finish the look. If you’ve chosen a more romantic dress with a lot of lace or fancy decorative work especially o the bodice, you may want to opt for simpler jewelry styles, like a simple diamond solitaire pendant for example. The key here is to make sure your jewelry complements the dress instead of fighting for attention.

It’s important to measure the neckline of your gown’s bodice.  It makes a difference how deep the V or other shape of the neckline is. The necklace should fall within the opening of the neckline, leaving a few inches between the bottom of the pendant drop and the neckline itself. If the gown has a high boat neck or any high neckline at all, you’re in luck. You can choose any length of bridal necklace you want, and it will look lovely.

The Bridal Necklace length

Now consider the length of the necklace itself. Once you know the opening of the wedding gown’s front neckline it’s time to check the different lengths of necklaces themselves.

Necklaces come in standard lengths meant to flatter different necklines. For example, should you want a ‘choker style’ or one just slightly longer than that, look for a necklace that is either 14” or 16” in length. Those are so flattering on very feminine dress designs that need to complete the look with some sparkle close to the neckline.

There are also longer necklace lengths; 18”, 20”, and 24”. So decide if you want your neckline to be filled with one of these lengths of necklaces—or if the dress’s bodice itself is higher, you can opt for one of these lengths which will be over the fabric front. Take a good look at the front design to make sure you’re not covering up something on the dress bodice with a necklace.

There are of course longer length necklaces that might be completely apropos for a more dramatic look. There are 30” and 33” lengths as well. A high front gown may be the very best style for wearing a memorable necklace of this length.

Here’s an idea to consider

Since much of the time during your vows, you and your fiancé will have your backs to the audience, why not purchase a long necklace in one of those lengths that will drape down your back, especially if your gown is an open back style. That’s a very on-trend accessory choice that brides love since it adds heightened drama to the entire ensemble and is often an unexpected—but glamorous touch.

Here are a couple more tips to think through before you purchase your bridal necklace set online. Does the necklace have a pendant that drops down from the chain? If so, count that detail as part of the necklace length. If the necklace itself, like a complex bib-style for example, has a center that drops down, make sure to consider that.

Don’t forget to think of how your bridal necklace will coordinate (or clash! Oh No!) with the earrings. There are a few schools of thought on this. Large, complex, and intricate bridal necklaces might look best paired with simpler stud, button, or shorter drop earrings. If the earrings are all out-glam statement pieces, then complement that with a simpler more elegant necklace.

Remember, on your big day you’ll be photographed many times by not only the professional photographer you’ve hired but by all your loved ones who are celebrating with you. There’ll be close-ups galore and group pics of all the fam, so make sure you’ve thought through all these variables. Then shopping for your bridal necklace set online is a breeze, and it will be a fun activity as you consider all the possible choices that are right for your style, and the look of the dress.

You’ve made your list according to what your gown’s neckline looks like, the length of the necklace itself, and you’ve considered the earrings you’re going to wear. Now, instead of it being a huge task ----you’ve narrowed down the field to several good potential candidates!

This and so many other decisions you’re making now are just part of the journey of joy as you move toward your big day. Let us be one of the first to wish you a lifetime of joy and happiness.