Is Silver the Right Metal for a Wedding Ring?

Is Silver the Right Metal for a Wedding Ring? - Best Brilliance

We live in an era of highly personalized choices for all of our belongings. And bridal jewelry ranks right at the top for personalization. Everyone should have the wedding ring they envision, whether or not others like the choice. So, the short answer is, yes, it’s right if it’s right for you.

But your wedding rings are cherished items that you will wear every day of your life and they will be cherished all the more as time goes by. So, it’s wise to consider all the aspects of silver and other metals if you are considering using sterling silver as your wedding ring choice.

So Many Metal Choices

Most couples opt for gold which is available in several karats and today, gold is offered in many colors—yellow, white, rose and unusual shades created through new alloy combinations. People may opt for platinum as their wedding ring metal. This heavy white metal softens to a delicate patina over time, and it’s a favorite with some people, especially those who love vintage looks.

But silver is also a white metal, known for its highly reflective polish. That draws many jewelry fans to the metal when they are selecting many different types of jewelry. The famed New York store Tiffany is renowned for its sterling silver jewelry and accessories. So, you know that silver has a large fan base.

Learn About Silver Wedding Rings

Silver is a soft metal, however. That means that it is subject to marks, and even dents depending on how the piece is used. No matter what metal you choose for your wedding rings, you must consider the lifestyle of the wearer. In other words, is the person using their hands a lot during the day for work? Are they engaged in strenuous activities, outdoors, or even in health care or teaching? All of these things hold a big impact on how the metal of wedding rings will hold up. Sterling silver wedding rings will hold up less well than gold or platinum because of the very nature of the metal. Knicks and dents to the metal may quickly be seen in silver wedding bands. So, whether it’s the man’s silver wedding band or the woman’s silver wedding ring set, the rings in silver may not perform to your liking over time.

Our wedding rings are precious to us. I think we’d all agree that our engagement rings and wedding rings are the most cherished pieces of jewelry we’ll ever own because there is so much symbolism behind them. We are thrilled when they are new, and we put them in our hands for the very first time for everyone to admire---including ourselves!

Be prepared for your silver wedding rings to tarnish. It’s a natural property of the material. Shining silver backup is easy enough with silver polish but be prepared to do this with some frequency to keep your silver wedding rings shimmering and radiant.

Different types of Silver Rings

There are a few different types of silver, did you know? Pure silver is the softest of all silver metals, and it’s too soft to be used as wedding rings worn every day. It’s quite malleable in its original form. Sterling silver is pure silver alloyed with just a bit of copper to strengthen the metal and make it more useful for jewelry. This metal is 92.5% pure silver, with the rest being copper. 

Some sterling rings are plated with a fine layer of pure silver, giving it the highly reflective look we love with this metal. It does produce a highly lustrous finish. Rhodium, another white metal might be used to plate sterling silver to give it that super white shiny look. White gold and platinum metal rings are sometimes plated with rhodium too. Over time, with continued wear, these final coatings can be worn away and need to be recoated with the metal they used in the original plating.

You can see that silver wedding rings do require special care to keep them looking as lovely as they looked when you first got them. Here’s an interesting fact few people know about. Silver is also highly conducive to heat. If you find your hand close to a heat source, (we don’t recommend that!) then the silver will pick up the heat and transfer it to the ring.

Affordability is Key

One of the major selling points of silver wedding rings is their affordable prices. They are way more inexpensive than gold or platinum. When that’s a concern, the silver wedding ring may be the way to go. But it’s worth restating, you won’t want to choose silver wedding rings if your hands are going to be subjected to rough treatment. You don’t want to be disappointed with your wedding ring choice.

Knowing that gold, platinum, and even palladium are much more durable metals is something to keep in mind before you select your wedding rings. Silver wedding rings are an option, especially if you are extra gentle using your hands on a routine basis. Then there are no surprises from getting your rings nicked up or even misshapen. The low prices of silver wedding ring contrasted to gold or other fine metals may be a big consideration with your budget.

So we’ll say again, buy what you want. But know what you are buying so that you’ll be making the best choice all around—and you’ll be able to enjoy your wedding bands for the rest of your life. Happy shopping!