Style of Classic and Simple Wedding Rings

Well, this is a fascinating topic. How can you have wedding rings that are both classic and simple, yet match the taste preferences of a modern bride? So many bridal sets today are personalized with gemstones, or custom designs, and other traits that make them one of a kind.

But we can’t help but think that the simpler the better is often the rule. The reason for this thought is that classic and simple wedding rings stand the test of time, will complement the brides’ evolving style preferences and most of all, they will look as stunning decades from now as they do this minute.

You Can’t Top Classic

When we think of classic beauty our mind often goes to timeless personalities like Audrey Hepburn, or Grace Kelly. Subliminally we count these elegant ladies as timeless because they still as look ‘modern’ and up to date today as they did 50 years ago. That’s an extraordinary comment considering how styles and fashion have changed over all these years. But it helps make our point that sometimes the classic and simple wedding rings will be the ones you’ll treasure decades from now. They’ll look as fresh and stylish decades after you’ve said your “I do.”

Shopping for your wedding ring - either for just the bride or for the couple is an exciting time. But it can also prove to be stressful with so many options to consider. Don’t let that happen to you. Let’s keep it fun and exciting and toss the stress out the window! Of course, you can become spellbound with all the options available to you now. But never let go of the fact that shopping for a classic and simple wedding ring owes its enormous appeal to an understated elegance that you (and your groom) will never tire of. The most pleasant feature of a classic wedding ring is its subtlety. And it proves the motto that Less is More.

Classic Means Stylish Too

When we say classic and simple, we don’t want you to think ‘boring’. There are so many ways you can personalize classic rings to suit your style. First of all, there’s the metal itself. Next, you can add diamonds to a simple ring for a bit of splash without looking over the top. Finally, if you choose rings with diamonds, and here’s another way to personalize your rings, the stones themselves can be any variety of cuts— if the style allows.

So much to Personalize

What type of metal is your first choice? You can choose platinum which is a classic wedding ring choice. This hefty white metal came on the fashion scene in the 1920s as the ‘must have’ metal for aristocratic brides for whom the price was no object. Today, platinum is still a bit pricier than gold, but fans say it’s well worth it for the soft gleaming finish the metal takes on after some wear. The soft patina that develops over time is actually what platinum lovers wait for. It can be re-polished to a high original sheen too if that’s your preference. But there is gold to consider. 14K or 18K are available—and all those income in different finishes and different colors.

See what we mean by the personalization you can have with classic and simple wedding bands? High polish, satin finish, matte finish, Florentine, hammered, and more! These different finishes add character to your rings. Yellow, white or two-tone gold? There are newer options in rose gold or even ‘green’ gold that may hold personal appeal to you. It’s are all up to you.

Add Some Sparkle

If you decide you need a splash of flash on your classic wedding rings - for both men and women—you can have that just the way you want it to. The shapes of accent diamonds will dramatically affect the look (and sparkle!) of your wedding ring. Princess cut, trillions, or baguette diamonds are the simpler choice owing to their distinct facet patterns. They don’t overdo it—they simply sparkle just enough to provide that distinctive look you’ve been looking for. Take some time however to glance at a round brilliant, pear shape, marquise, emerald cut, cushion, oval, and all the other diamond shapes that may be a good match for your rings.

Your Timeless Ring Just as You Like it

Make sure your simple and classic wedding ring is as comfy as you want it. These pieces of jewelry are different from any other fine jewelry you’ll ever wear. Besides being rich with meaning, these rings are meant to be worn every day your entire life. So, make sure you find a bandwidth that is so comfortable you’ll wear it all the time without being self-conscious wearing them. Slimmer wedding rings are the most comfortable on the finger. There are rings made with comfort-fit as or a similar name. All that means is that the inside of the band was given a slightly curved finish to make it easier for your fingers to wear. That’s a big deal considering you are wearing the rings—like forever! Most couples don’t ever take their wedding rings off. There’s too much risk of losing them—and with an item as sentimental as the wedding ring, that’s a no-no.

How about the width of your ring? Some people say they appreciate a wider band, like 4 or 5 mm in width. It’s not only a classic statement that the ring makes, but also it has more of a presence and some people prefer being able to ‘feel’ that the ring is on all the time. Others however want a slimmer ring that over time feels just like part of themselves. That’s what the ring should be, shouldn’t it? When you become a new couple, your ring is part of your personality.

So, as you can see, even simple and classic wedding rings can display your unique personality and still shine as the timeless jewelry that it was created to be. Is the simple and classic wedding band the right one for you? We think it’s an awesome choice. And congratulations on your new life together!

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