When it comes to selecting diamonds, clarity ranks as a top consideration. That’s because the greater the clarity, the more brilliant and sparkling will be the stone. Inclusions within a diamond can greatly impact how a diamond handles light and dispersion. Rarely are earth-mined diamonds discovered to be free from these natural inclusions. It's simply part of the diamond’s natural formation process. When they are found to be F-Flawless, or even IF-Internally Flawless, their astronomical prices reflect this rarity. The more inclusions a stone has, the lower its price and value will be. That's because inclusions diminish the amount of lively light reflection for which diamonds are celebrated. 

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds – What Are They?

The good news for diamond lovers now is that technological advances have created a dazzling solution to increase a diamonds’ clarity; because every diamond collector wants the cleanest and most brilliant stone possible. This technology, called clarity enhancement greatly improves the appearance of diamonds through a process of fracture filling a diamond’s inclusions. 

The Clarity Enhancement Process Explained

The special material used in this proprietary process has the same optical properties (observed as the refractive index) of the diamond that has been treated. So, after treatment, the diamond has improved its clarity grade and become a stunning clearer more scintillating diamond. And importantly, the clarity enhancement process greatly improves the appearance of the diamond while maintaining the stone’s integrity and strength.

The result is a stone with superior light performance and astonishing fire. Clarity grades are only one of the many determining factors that diamond lovers consider when selecting their diamond, but who wouldn't want their diamond to exhibit a breathtaking clarity? Correcting a diamond's clarity results in a dramatically measurable increase in the stone's brilliance.

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Why Should I buy Clarity Enhanced Diamonds?

More and more smart shoppers today are discovering clarity enhanced diamonds as the right choice for them when they shop for a diamond engagement ring and other important diamond jewelry.  So, the question comes up “Why should I select a clarity enhanced diamond over another kind?” There are abundant reasons for making a clarity enhanced diamond your choice, but we’ve narrowed it down for you. In short, your clarity enhanced diamond is more spectacular and bigger, all while saving you tremendous money. The value can’t be over stated. Compared to similar diamonds that have not been clarity enhanced, the savings are amazing. Investing in any diamond is an important decision that should be well thought out. Clarity enhanced diamonds offer you a quality diamond of your dreams, in a larger size than you ever imagined, all while keeping your budget in check. 

Why Choose Best Brilliance for Your Clarity Enhanced Diamond?

Not all clarity enhanced diamond retailers are the same. As with any diamond purchase, you should select a seller who has been in the business for a long time and is well established with an impeccable reputation and verifiable customer testimonies. Best Brilliance has been in the business of creating top-tier clarity enhanced diamonds for decades. With a supply chain in strategic diamond centers around the world, they have access to the finest diamonds available to anyone. You can also see the many customer reviews on Best Brilliance and learn what satisfied consumers say about their diamond purchase at Best Brilliance.

 It’s important to Best Brilliance that every diamond has been ethically sourced, and is free from conflict. Your Best Brilliance diamond is guaranteed to be responsibly sourced from regions adhering to the strictest best business practices. And we know that’s important to our customers too.

Best Brilliance leads the industry in offering the highest quality, carefully hand-selected diamonds that have undergone a superior enhancement process. And you’ll discover how customers are important at Best Brilliance. You can have a Best Brilliance diamond expert assist you from your very first question all the way through your selection process. When you finally select the one diamond that is perfect for you, you’re assured that the quality and value you’ve received the best in the industry.

Are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds at Best Brilliance Certified?

We want our customers to understand the fine quality of their diamond purchased from Best Brilliance. Each clarity enhanced diamond from Best Brilliance has undergone a laboratory examination at a leading independent gemological laboratory, IGA Labs, (International Gemological Appraisers). IGA Labs inspects the diamond and issues a unique report verifying each of the diamond’s attributes. This document is often required by your insurance carrier when you add your diamond jewelry to a homeowner’s policy.

Each uniquely created certificate details the particular characteristics of your diamond after it has been carefully examined by the team of gemological experts. These certificates contain a universally understood method of communication of diamond qualities and adhere to the highest standards of diamond grading. An IGA diamond certificate is included with your loose diamond or diamond jewelry purchase. 

How to Care for and Clean a Clarity Enhanced Diamond

In the unlikely event that you should ever need bench jeweler work done on your Best Brilliance clarity enhanced diamond, please speak with a Best Brilliance representative first to determine how the work should be done. Otherwise, inform your local jeweler that your diamond is clarity enhanced so he or she will not use a direct torch flame on the stone. Depending on the work needed, the jeweler may temporarily remove your clarity enhanced diamond from its setting while doing work requiring the use of a torch. These simple considerations will keep your diamond at its optimal brilliance for a lifetime.

Normal cleaning and care is easy to perform.  Like all precious jewelry, you’ll want to use care when cleaning your clarity enhanced diamond. A soft (baby) toothbrush will help loosen dirt and residue that becomes attracted to your diamond jewelry. Be sure to carefully brush the underside and inside of your diamond setting where dust builds up. Using an ammonia-free jewelry cleaner with your brush, you’ll be able to bring your jewelry back to its original showroom luster. 

Steam cleaning and ultrasonic devices are also safe for cleaning your clarity enhanced diamond. If you have a home device or go to a jeweler who offers a professional cleaning, your Best Brilliant clarity enhanced diamond will do just fine in these machines. Your Best Brilliance clarity enhanced diamond was meant to give you a lifetime of enjoyment and be as treasured years from now as it was when you first purchased it. Using these care and cleaning guidelines will ensure that your diamond will dazzle each day throughout your life.