The difference between Clarity Enhanced Diamonds and a Natural Diamond

The difference between Clarity Enhanced Diamonds and a Natural Diamond - Best Brilliance

What is the difference between Clarity Enhanced Diamond and a Natural Diamond?

Clarity enhanced diamonds are really genuine earth mined diamonds that have gone through a process - either by heat or by drilling- to make the diamond appear visually clearer than it was prior to treatment.

It is important to understand that all natural diamonds come from a mine and are cut and polished to their potential.  99% of all diamonds have inclusions- imperfections that may or may not be visible to the eye.  The process of enhancing a diamond is not to take away from its natural beauty but to “enhance” it- meaning to hide its imperfections so that it looks prettier.


How is a stone Clarity Enhanced?

There are two methods to enhance a diamond - by high heat and pressure and by laser drilling.

A small hole is made at the surface of a diamond and then a tunnel is laser drilled to the inclusion where it can be cleaned out either by heat or acid- enhancing it’s clarity.

After a stone has been “enhanced”, a glass-like substance is inserted in the drill lines to hide its visibility.  It is called fracture-filling.


Why would someone want a Clarity Treated diamond Vs a Non Treated Diamond?

 If you want to know what is a clarity enhanced diamond it is important to understand the process. What makes this a remarkable procedure is that the enhancement process does not change the physical makeup of a diamond such as its weight it just changes its visual look. It also keeps the integrity of the stone intact.  It can raise the diamond’s clarity by two grades

The major reason this process is so successful  and popular is because enhanced diamonds are less expensive than their untreated counterpart. But they are just as dazzling to the naked eye. Since the diamond is priced at its original clarity before its enhancement it allows consumers to buy a bigger brighter stone for a less money than they ever dreamed would be possible.


Can you tell if a diamond has been Enhanced?

To the naked eye it is not evident that the stone has had any type of treatment.  A person can feel comfortable knowing that their earrings, rings, necklaces just look like high the quality pieces of jewelry that they are.  Of course  a professional can see it using a magnification like a jewelers loupe or a microscope.  They can see a light tunnel from the bottom of the diamond and a flash of light - usually ultraviolet.

It is important to state that an enhanced diamond cannot be sold legally without disclosing that it has been treated. Reputable dealers always disclose treatment of any kind, so you are assured that you are buying right--and paying right.