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There’s never been a time in history when brides have had such free reign in creating the wedding bands of their dreams. Out went the traditional line up. In came the most creative, imaginative collections for modern couples who require their wedding rings to match their individuality.

New Times Mean New Wedding Bands

First of all, the old rules have been tossed out the window. And designers apparently agree since they are assisting today’s couples in finding exactly what appeals to them. But with all this new territory to explore, make sure you ask yourself this very important question---what appeals to you? What reflects your taste and also exemplifies the two of you as a couple? So, trendy rings may be perfectly fine if you say—that’s me! (or us!). But trends for trend’s sake may not always be the answer.

What is the answer of course, is what do you gravitate to? To find that answer, you need to consider all the unique wedding bands that are out there just waiting for you to discover them. While the array may be staggering at first, you’ll find yourself narrowing down the possibility of just one perfect band that you can live with for the rest of your life.

Let’s Go Shopping

Let’s take a look at some modern options to learn what strikes you as a perfect unique fit for your life as a new couple.

Couples recently are looking far past the classic gold for their special rings. For instance, while white and yellow gold have been the precious metal of choice for centuries, have you considered rose (or pink) gold? While it’s a newer alloy, it is a unique and memorable metal that lends a special touch to rings. If you think its only for women—you’ll be happy to know it started its popularity about a century ago as a sophisticated precious metal for men’s wrist watches. Once it took off, collectors never looked back. If you love rose gold but think that’s too bold a step to try to coordinate with the rest of your jewelry, then opt for the two tone look—with a white and rose gold combo on the ring.

Diamonds and Gemstones are Always a Good Idea

Then there are the gemstones in a ring to consider. While some couples prefer a simple high polished gold band for their wedding, there’s no reason why you should not think about gemstones—and we’re not talking diamonds. We’re not discouraging them, because they are the eternal gemstone—which is a beautiful reflection of your commitment to each other.

Speaking of diamonds, perhaps you have some that have come down in your family. That’s always a sentimental treasure. You can integrate family stones of any size whatsoever into the man’s or lady’s wedding band. In this way, you are not only creating a unique jewelry, but you are continuing the family legacy in a very meaningful way.

But think about other gemstones—and you may find some that really speak to you. Sapphires are a chic choice—either with diamonds or as stand-alone adornments. Did you know blue is universally the most popular color for both genders? And ruby makes a stunningly unforgettable wedding ring that you’ll still cherish years from now.

A Unique wedding band

That Vintage Vibe

If you’re both a romantic (and who wouldn’t be when it comes to your wedding?) and sentimental, how about looking into some lovely vintage style? Their detailing and handmade vibe is a good companion for your unique love story.

While some people actually have inherited family rings to pass on to their new marriage, not all of us are so fortunate. In that case, you can create a new tradition with your vintage bands that you’ll treasure more and more as time goes by. Distinctive looking vintage rings with their fine detailing can easily become your signature style.

Wide Bands are Trending

Wedding bands come in all widths, and while you may have never thought of a wide one, you might enjoy trying on a few to see how they feel. Both the straight wide, called a pipe cut band, or the cigar style ring are attractive and distinctive. The cigar style is wide with a rounded front of the shank where it can be further adorned with engraving and gemstones. With all wide style—and by that we mean anything more than 2.5mm width, you will benefit from wearing them for a bit first of all to make sure you’re comfortable with their extra width. They are definitely sophisticated statement rings that you don’t want to overlook as a possibility. Make note of the most comfortable size in a wide band too. Most shoppers notice that they will go up a ½ size if the shank is wide.

The Only Limits are Your Imagination

Did you notice, it’s not just plain or fancy wedding bands now? There’s everything in between. And by that, we mean you can seek out ones with unique shanks too. Either diamond or gemstone encrusted, or perhaps it is embellished with cut out detailing. It can display two tone metals or even custom carved details along the shank. The sky’s definitely the limit—and it’s only restricted by your imagination today.

We agree with you –your ring should be an expression of your love story—told just the way you want to.

Also, we know while you may be drawn to unique wedding bands, you might not know which one to select. No worries, that’s what we’re here for. The helpful experts at Best Brilliance will guide you to finding the your ideal one today!