What are Black Diamonds?

What are Black Diamonds? - Best Brilliance

In the diamond world, things are not always as simple as black or white. The reason is that diamonds are a natural product produced deep within the earth’s surface—about 125 miles below the earth to be exact. With any natural product, you are going to get countless variations. The same thing can be said with diamonds. For the majority of diamond lovers, the whiter the better is the rule when it comes to selecting a precious main stone for their engagement ring or bridal jewelry.

But in recent years, traditional fans of white (meaning colorless) diamonds have been turning their attention to the more exotic diamond options - first of all, with the rainbow of naturally produced colors that diamonds offer. And lately, consumers are enthralled with black diamonds. Yes — it seems like an oxymoron to say black and diamond together, but the earth produces black diamonds in various depths of inky black luster and in some pretty impressive carat sizes too.

Black diamond rings are real head turners

First, you may not know what you are looking at with a black diamond, but its bold dramatic appeal is exactly what draws many diamond fans to this exotic variety of diamonds. Their high polish and mirror-like reflection make for some stunning jewelry that everyone will be talking about.

They are a sophisticated choice for serious diamond lovers, and if you’re adding to your diamond jewelry wardrobe, you’ll want to give black diamonds a second look. These midnight sparklers have been around for as long as diamonds have existed, but they haven’t always gotten the star treatment like they do today. Just imagine, years ago black diamonds were considered cast-offs. So, you may never have seen any black diamonds in jewelry until the late 20th century.

But as consumers became more knowledgeable about the wide array of naturally occurring diamonds in other colors than ‘white’ or colorless, they began collecting what appealed to them. And black diamonds came on the scene and made a big splash because they are scene stealers in a sea of white diamond jewelry wearers. They’ve been collected ever since by diamond lovers who are looking for something distinctive and chic.

Black Diamonds get Glamour

Black diamonds got an extra dose of glamourous PR when in 2010, the hit movie Sex and the City 2 main character Carrie got an enormous (5 ct!) black diamond engagement ring from Mr. Big. That may have started the celebrity trend for flaunting big black diamonds but these sultry stones have since taken on a celebrity status of their own since that time.

Today, the most influential designers are placing black diamond ring into their pricey collections and savvy shoppers snap them right up.

With the same elevated status as yellow or pink diamonds, when black diamonds are found in the earth with their tuxedo-toned good looks, they are called Fancy Color Black Diamonds. That is to distinguish them from black diamonds that received treatment to showcase their dark shimmer. Those are pretty amazing too. We actually love black diamonds in any form whatsoever.

How did diamonds actually get their black tint?

Researchers have taken quite some time determining exactly what is the cause of the black coloration in diamonds. Each one may show varying degrees of blackness—or opacity. Some black diamonds are completely opaque and they take a dazzling polish that makes them especially striking. Others—if you were to look carefully at them through a magnifying lens, you’d see that they appear more olive green or even brown—but to the naked eye, they are as dark as midnight and just as mysterious.

Scientists explain that the cause of their black tones is the result of extremely dense micro-inclusions so closely formed together that they let no light through the stone and simply reflect light back to the eye off their shiny top facets. No matter what the explanation is for their formation, consumers have fallen under the spell of these mysterious diamonds.

They have become the exotic preferred choice of diamonds for many modern brides who insist on having something that everyone will remember . . . and probably envy. Black solitaire engagement rings are so breathtaking that you’ll never forget the first time you saw one.

A Black diamond make stand-out gemstone choices in other jewelry

Whether it’s in perfect stud earrings or a glamorous pendant, or even in that coveted black diamond solitaire ring.
The choice is yours—and if you’re adventurous and confident as a jewelry collector, you definitely don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to add a sophisticated black diamond to your jewelry wardrobe. You may surprise yourself with how often you reach for that piece of jewelry. Could it become your signature style?

Here’s an important tip—just as we mentioned that all diamonds vary to some degree, black diamonds have their range of quality and beauty. But not to worry. At Best Brilliance, we’ve done the careful scrutiny for you—by hand selecting only the finest examples of black diamonds for our collections. Because we know if it’s good enough to collect, you want to start with top quality so it will remain a favorite of yours for years to come.

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