What are Synthetic Diamonds?

What are Synthetic Diamonds? - Best Brilliance

Have you noticed today that the phrase synthetic diamonds is a hot topic? You might think, “No, let me stay with real diamonds.” If that’s the case, or if you just don’t feel up to speed on what synthetic diamonds are, we’ve got some fascinating ground to cover.

Shoppers have Options

Of course, you should always decide what’s right for you—but first, you have to fully understand what synthetic diamonds are. Then, as they say, you can make an informed decision. All good!

What are earth mined Diamonds?

Let’s take a brief overview of natural earth mined diamonds. They are some of the most extraordinary miracles of nature that you’ll ever come across. Turns out, genuine earth mined diamonds are the only mineral in existence made from a single element. And that element is carbon. Some 120 miles or so below the surface of the earth under conditions of extreme pressure and intense heat, a simple carbon (think your No. 2 pencil) transforms into the crystal-clear sparkling stone we call a diamond. Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight. It takes about a couple of billion years to finesse. But then you have that stunning sparkler the world covets.

What are Synthetic Diamonds?

So, what are synthetic diamonds—now that we’ve looked at the earth-made kind? First of all, let’s clear the air—about what they aren’t. Synthetic diamonds are not fakes or simulated stones, or even CZ as some people have mistakenly assumed.

Synthetic diamonds are in fact--diamonds. How can that be? Synthetic diamonds utilize the same recipe as earth mined diamonds--that being carbon which is placed in a controlled environment in a laboratory to replicate the conditions that occurred underground to create a diamond—albeit in a laboratory. So, a bit of ‘diamond seed’ is placed in special lab containments under extreme pressure and high heat and allowed to develop into an actual diamond crystal. Rather than taking the billions of years to produce the result, this action occurs in months—or even sometimes one month.

Well, this is fascinating

So, a lab diamond (or synthetic diamond) has the identical chemical makeup—pure carbon—as earth mined stones. Also, it has the same optical and physical properties as your straight-from-the-ground diamond. Finally, they are the same hardness on the Mohs scale as the natural crystals. All that is to say, that what you love about natural diamonds is also what you can love about lab diamonds. They handle light the same way as your natural stones and sparkle plenty.

Here’s something worth considering. Natural diamonds come out of the ground in all different clarities and colors. When we say ‘colors’ when talking about diamonds, we mean that the most expensive diamonds are completely colorless and then go down the grading scale (from D to Z) as their color grade gets lower. Same with their clarity. The most expensive diamonds are Flawless, correct? Then they go down their clarity scale from F (Flawless) to I2 (Included, level2).

But when it comes to lab-grown diamonds, since they are made in a controlled environment, they are produced with higher clarity and color. When you think of it, it’s all quite amazing that technology has made such advances for diamond fans.

What are the Perks of A Synthetic Diamond?

You probably already know this, but it bears repeating. Lab grown diamonds look identical to earth mined stones—and they perform equal to their natural counterparts. But synthetic diamonds for sale cost quite a bit less than diamonds from the earth. That’s a big motivation for many buyers today. The attractive pricing means shoppers can actually purchase a much bigger stone than they ever thought they could afford—and usually get one that is of higher clarity and color as well.

For the eco-conscious shopper, the idea of lab diamonds means there was no disturbance of the earth to produce their stone. And the concern over ethical practices for miners is eliminated too. So, there are a lot of things to consider.

The More you Know

Once you understand more about both kinds of diamonds, the earth-mined ones, and lab created — or synthetic diamonds, you can make the choice that is right for you. They both have their fine points and each option has benefits. So ultimately the final word is what you as a shopper feel is the best fit for you.

Shopping for a diamond ring, particularly when it’s an engagement ring is one of life’s great pleasures. It tells the story of your unique love and represents your individual preferences.

So, take your time, think through both options and make the choice that fits you best. Some people will always prefer the natural diamond from the earth, and we applaud that. They certainly are miracles of nature, to be sure. Other diamond fans take into consideration the value and beauty of a lab grown – called a synthetic diamond, and that’s a smart choice for eco-conscious shoppers too.

What’s your favorite? Synthetic diamonds or earth grown? You’ve got a lot to think over—and either selection will be dazzling.