What are Tungsten Carbide Rings?

What are Tungsten Carbide Rings? - Best Brilliance

Brides get pretty excited thinking about their upcoming wedding and the beautiful bridal jewelry they’ll be wearing. And she’s got plenty of reasons for that. Besides being a very important time in the life of a new couple, bridal jewelry is an expression of the personal style of the new couple. There is a lot to look forward to in the days—weeks—and months leading up to the big event.

Focus on the Groom

What about the groom? We want to make sure he gets a little extra love during this whole fast-paced event called “the wedding day.” Let’s turn our focus for a moment to the man’s wedding bands. There are so many exciting styles today plus newer masculine materials for the men’s wedding band that you have a lot to choose from. Make sure it’s a perfect reflection for the one who will be wearing this for the rest of his life.

Of course, there are traditional metals like gold in all its colors, plus platinum. But be sure not to overlook the newer materials that offer a custom look for the groom. One of these more influential metals today that are fashion-forward and modern is tungsten carbide? Have you heard of it already? Great! But if not, no worries—we’ll go over all of the details so you can make the best decision for yourself. Remember it should reflect the style of the wearer, be comfortable, and be something that suits the person. Ready?

What is Tungsten Carbide exactly?

Ok, let’s talk tungsten carbide.  This very modern metal has made the top hit-list for men’s wedding bands today when the wearer is looking for something that lends a personal expression to his look. Of course, some couples opt for matching bands and that’s perfectly fine. It shows a romantic side to the couple. But there’s also a case to be made for each of the married couple opting for a more individualized look with their wedding jewelry.

When that’s what you’re looking for then, you want to look at tungsten carbide. Some of the selling points of tungsten carbide wedding bands are the very smooth updated styles available at surprisingly affordable prices. There’s a great variety of designs when it comes to tungsten so you’ll have a lot to study. Remember to consider that you’ll be wearing this every day for the rest of your life. Then discover if tungsten carbide wedding bands are the right metal choice for you.

Tungsten metal or sometimes called tungsten carbide happens to be the strongest metal alloy used in jewelry today. This metal jewelry alloy may contain a mixture of tungsten, carbon, cobalt, or possibly even nickel added. The alloy is the way to go since pure tungsten is not appropriate for jewelry wearing and also is too soft for use by itself.

If you’ve ever had an adverse reaction to metals in jewelry, you’ll be glad to learn that tungsten carbide rings are hypoallergenic. The hypoallergenic properties in this metal also mean that it is free from tarnishing due to oxidization over time.

For Active Lifestyles

Men’s daily activities often allow their wedding bands to take a beating simply from everyday wear and tear. You’ll be happy to know that this extremely hard metal ranks high on the Mohs scale of hardness. That lets you know that tungsten carbide is both extremely scratch-resistant and durable too. So, years from now, your tungsten carbide wedding band will remain as new-looking as the day you said “I do!” Likewise sporty, active men can rest assured that no matter what activities they pursue, their ring will not bend or get out of shape. Just wear it and forget about it!

We should never overlook the affordability of tungsten carbide wedding bands versus gold or platinum wedding bands. But men who wear them say that’s just a side benefit to the real reasons why they chose this modern metal over traditional choices. Men like the ‘heft’ that this metal has, so while it’s exceedingly comfy to wear, it has a similar weight to the more traditional options like gold and platinum; like those luxury metals, it has a nice heft to it. If you prefer something lighter in weight where the metal doesn't feel like you are even wearing it, then tungsten may not be your number one choice. It’s purely an individual decision—and some men want to ‘know’ they’ve got it on, even when they’re not looking at their hands—it’s just there.

Durability Matters

Finally consider the material itself, and how it holds up for you. Tungsten carbide rings is celebrated for its nice luster and the ability to keep its pristine shine throughout the years. Naturally, this metal has a beautiful gunmetal grey hue and works well with other design elements that are often integrated into this metal. You can be assured that tungsten carbide men’s wedding rings will take a polish extremely well and retain their original color throughout the years.

So, the decision is yours—and whatever ring type you choose will be the right one for you. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to selecting a man’s wedding band. It simply boils down to personal preferences. So, while you’re looking over all the options, make a mental note to include a preview of tungsten carbide wedding ring too. Happy shopping!