Diamond Must-Have's In the Savvy Woman's Jewelry Box

Diamond Must-Have's In the Savvy Woman's Jewelry Box - Best Brilliance

A smart selection of diamond jewelry becomes a stylish woman’s signature. Year after year, she looks more chic with the right foundation of classic diamond jewelry. And like a good wardrobe with elegant and versatile mix and match pieces, a woman’s jewelry wardrobe should begin with great basics.

Start with the Very Basics

Earrings are a favored fine jewelry accessory for every woman. The reason? You can finish your look quickly and fashionably with some beautiful stud earrings. Every woman needs to invest in some bright sparkling diamond stud earrings. The placement of earrings against the face draws light and a luminous shine to the side of the face for a graceful yet effortless look.

Because diamond stud earrings are such an important jewelry box basic—look for the largest size you can afford and comfortably wear. We would all love large diamond studs because they shimmer elegantly at the side of the face. Fortunately at Best Brilliance, you can afford much larger diamond studs than you ever dreamed of—because our diamonds are clarity enhanced allowing you to select a much larger size than you ever thought possible—while staying right on budget. Best Brilliance is a global leader in providing the finest quality clarity enhanced diamonds and clarity enhanced diamond rings and enhanced diamond jewelry of all kinds 

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds—the Smart Choice

Clarity enhanced diamonds are genuine earth mined diamonds. These natural diamonds have undergone a proprietary technology that produces a higher clarity and brighter looking diamond 

Isn’t what every woman really wants; the largest brightest diamond that stands out from all the rest?

Best Brilliance has for decades been offering fine clarity enhanced diamonds that smart shoppers prefer. These are genuine diamonds of course. With their clarity enhancement you’ll be dazzled by the attractive price you’ll discover for 1 carat diamond studs or even larger. You’ll be amazed at how far your budget goes with Best Brilliance clarity enhanced diamond stud earrings. Shop now and find the perfect clarity enhanced diamond stud earrings.

Add to Your Jewelry Basics with a Diamond Pendant Necklace

A feminine diamond pendant necklace complements a lady’s décolleté. Dress it up or keep it casual. A clarity enhanced 1 carat or more diamond pendant will become your go to piece that finds its way into every ensemble. With options like 14K white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, or 18K white, yellow and rose gold too, you’ll be able to customize your diamond pendant necklace to exactly your taste. Every diamond pendant at Best Brilliance is a one of a kind because they are all custom selected genuine diamonds that have been clarity enhanced to give you more bling for your budget.

Want more personalization with your diamond pendant necklace? Then enjoy browsing through the loose diamond inventory. The only problem you’ll discover is settling on which one of the gorgeous loose diamonds you’ll actually select.     

By starting with your diamond basics, you’ll be able to build on these foundation pieces; perfect diamond stud earrings and a stunning diamond pendant necklace. Want some expert assistance? We’re here to help. Our customer care at 1-866-978-4466 is always available to you find the diamond jewelry basics at the best price anywhere.