What is a Promise Ring?

What is a Promise Ring? - Best Brilliance

Here’s a type of jewelry you may have heard about but don’t exactly know what it is. Maybe you’d like to be the lucky recipient of a promise ring. We’re here to sort it all out and let you know all about promise rings — what they are - what they’re not, and who’s the fortunate one who gets to wear this modern symbol of love.


As couples seek to individualize their relationships even more now, a new category of bonding rings has evolved. Some are called purity rings, pre-engagement rings, promise rings, commitment rings, and more. So, what’s a couple to do when they’re not exactly ready for an engagement ring but want to form a loving bond between themselves and show their loved ones this next step in their relationship? First of all, let’s look at the promise ring. What's the purpose of it anyway? And better yet, what finger does it go on? Are they just for the ladies, or can the men get in on the promise ring trend too? So many good questions here, and we’ll sort it all out for you. Maybe your relationship is ready for a promise ring. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Let’s look into this a little more then. 


Simply put, a promise ring is exchanged from one person to their romantic partner as a celebratory sign of their faithfulness and commitment. This is often—but not always the case, done before an official engagement. At its core is the sweet symbolism. Giving a promise ring represents one partner's devotion to the other. Likewise accepting that symbolic ring acknowledges that same sentiment for the recipient.


Promise rings are a rather new ritual


But a sweet one nonetheless. Just as its name suggests, promise rings embody a ‘between us’ promise made by the couple. Still, the extent of the promise can vary from one couple to another. The symbolism is so personal, it’s really up to the couple to decide what it means to them and how they will move forward with this endearing gesture. There are no hard and fast rules, and that’s part of the appeal with modern couples. This highly personal exchange takes on the life of the couple on their terms. While it may be that couples proudly wear promise rings as the first step to their anticipated engagement, others may not look that far down the road. Those couples are enjoying the moment now, and want to display more of a general commitment.


It’s the next step up from dating—everyone including the couple understands that these two are exclusively committed to each other. Sometimes it just feels good to show the outside world how you feel inside.


Promise rings have a 21st-century vibe


Because they offer the personalized modern aspect of a couple’s commitment. But if you look far back enough, you can discover the idea of giving a promise ring as a public symbol of love and affection has roots in ancient history from hundreds of years ago. Even as far back as the 16th century in England, something called posy rings, engraved with romantic inscriptions were popular with young couples who saw a future together—or wished for one. Another widespread tradition in Georgian times through the Victorian era was the curious but charming acrostic rings. These rings cleverly spelled out a personal word like ‘care’ or something else by arranging gemstones and using the first letter of each stone to spell that meaningful word between the two. For example, care could secretly be spelled out by citrine, amethyst, ruby, emerald. They ought to revive that ancient tradition—it’s fun and personal at the same time.


Modern promise rings have gained popularity, especially over the last decade. It’s due in large part to celebrities mentioning their promise rings given in commitment ceremonies or during not-so-private moments that are posted on social media. However they choose to announce the happy new status, we celebrate with them.


While promise rings aren’t the same as wedding bands, they still are regarded with respect for their sincere meaning—so we don’t treat them lightly. A promise ring is often given after a couple has been together for some time. It could be a year, maybe more. But the point is that after some time when the couple knows they want an exclusive relationship, it could be the natural next step for them. So, naturally, this precious piece of jewelry should only be worn when both people are sure of their mutual commitment.


When you think of the phrase "promise ring"


It conjures up an image of the man giving it to his girlfriend. But not so fast, jewelry experts caution. Men’s promise rings are becoming a thing too! Some couples exchange promise rings with each other so both people feel as involved in the bond. In a wedding ceremony, the exchange wedding bands is an emotional time during the ceremony. So, there’s that option available. The couple can determine if they prefer exchanging rings to demonstrate how they value their relationship. Whomever the couple is—it’s their story and should be done their way.


Let’s consider the details of a promise ring. Which finger—or which hand—does the promise ring belong on? This is the most flexible aspect of a promise ring. It can be worn on any finger that the wearer prefers. Some people like their promise ring to be flaunted on a chain around the neck. Most often the promise ring is proudly displayed on the ring finger –and usually on the left hand before marriage. If the couple gets married later on—they move the ring to the ring hand. That way, it can still be a treasured memento of their early relationship. Ancient legends claim there is a vein in the ring finger running straight to the heart. It’s called the vena amoris. Wearing a ring on the left-hand ring finger will send beats straight to the heart as a special connection between the loved ones. 


Consider how you wish to give a promise ring—or in what setting you’d like to receive yours? It should be in a personal moment that is meaningful for both of you. While the giver doesn’t have to get down on one knee or create an elaborately staged proposal moment (ready for viewing on social media) it should be given at a time and place that symbolizes the two of you. Do you both head to the shore for quiet walks at the day’s end? Is your favorite romantic evening a small restaurant where you had your first date? Whatever you chose will be part of your love story years from now. Often giving a promise ring can coincide with a birthday, Valentine's Day, or another important holiday. It might be nice if the giver prepared some simple but heartfelt words ahead of time to sweeten the moment—simple and meaningful is always best.


You may be thinking the time’s right to get or give a promise ring


This next step moves your relationship to another level. Best Brilliance has so many gorgeous rings, you’ll be sure to find one that reflects your taste and personality perfectly. You can browse through the dazzling array of diamonds for that one ring that says “Choose me!” When it comes to the style of a promise ring—whatever you and your partner like is a perfect choice. Promise rings are often less costly than an engagement ring — and they may be in the $500 to $2,000 range. But you know your budget so if it’s more or less — terrific either way. Trending patterns with promise rings include diamonds. But they’re also seen with colorful gemstones, and ruby is a hands-down favorite. It looks like the color of love — like a heart or Valentine’s card. While you’re thinking of it, you may want to browse through our heart-shaped diamonds or other gemstone rings. What better message than a heart shape itself? You may consider rings with a by-pass setting or cross-over look. These intertwined symbols say ‘togetherness’ in your relationship.


Make shopping for your promise ring a joyful fun experience. With so many options, whatever you chose will make a tender statement of love. If you could use a little help, we are right here for you. Our diamond experts are happy to guide you in the style you want and the right budget. Selecting your promise ring is a big part of your relationship. Contact our experts now, and let’s do this together.