What is a thin band engagement ring?

What is a thin band engagement ring? - Best Brilliance

Gaining quite a bit of momentum currently are what are called the thin band engagement rings. You may also see them promoted as skinny band engagement rings—or slim band rings. Whatever they are called, one thing is for sure. They are delicate, feminine, and full of charisma.

When we refer to thin bands, they most often mean 2mm wide or even less. We’ve seen some as delicate as 1.6mm in width, so there is a range available. And if you custom-make your ring, you can choose exactly the width you prefer.

Benefits of Being Skinny

One of the first things you’ll notice about the thin band engagement ring is how it showcases the center diamond so magnificently. Because of their slender profile, the center stone automatically appears much larger by comparison. And who doesn’t want that? An added benefit to this style besides drawing complete focus on the center stone is that a band this slim is super comfortable to wear. You just won’t find a time when you feel it bothersome to wear. In fact, a thin band engagement often becomes o second nature to the wearer that you forget it's actually on! And that’s a tremendous advantage when you consider you’ll be wearing this cherished ring for your entire life.

Modern and Feminine

And today, with so many brides opting for the less is more vision, a thin band engagement ring ticks off all the boxes. It’s very feminine and makes a romantic statement for all who view it. It also has a definite modern vibe, so you’re sure to love it decades from now just as much as you did the first moment you set eyes on it.

Did you notice that in jewelry, fashion, as well as fine art, often the simplest things have the most timeless appeal? This may certainly account for the staying power of the thin band engagement ring.

Your engagement ring is one of the most important and personal purchases you’ll ever make. So, before you decide on one, it’s helpful to ask yourself a few questions to narrow down your choices to THE ONE.

In general, do you like simpler jewelry designs?

Are your fingers and hands on the small side, and perhaps slender?

Do you want your engagement ring to stack well with a variety of wedding (and anniversary) bands?

You may find this style of ring to be a bit lower in price owing to its simplicity and less metal of course. At this point, it’s well to consider the lifestyle of the wearer. If the wearer uses her hands a lot during the workday and even may have arduous tasks to complete, perhaps the slim-style engagement ring should not be the first choice. This is due to the fact that the band (shank of the ring) is more delicate and finer. In certain cases, the band is prone to bending during times of hard work. But if that’s not your lifestyle it seems like you have nothing to worry about.

Simple Can Be Sparkly Too

Just because we say that thin engagement rings are much simpler, doesn’t mean they have to be plain. On the contrary. Even with their delicate bands, this style of ring can have dainty accent diamonds along with its band. This variety looks like a slim ribbon of light sparkling around the finger—so romantic we think!

When you have a very slim ring set with small accent diamonds, they are usually done in pavé style to produce a seamless appearance of diamonds side by side. That’s a charming effect. 

Because engagement rings are meant to be an individual design choice, you can often ask your jeweler to create a ring of your choosing in a slimmer band to get this result.

Once you settle on a thin band engagement ring, it would also be a good time to start shopping for your wedding band. To look most complementary, your wedding band should be of similar width to your thin band engagement ring. Both rings will look much more ‘intentional’ and you’ll have a custom look indeed. Measure (or have your jeweler do this) the width of your engagement ring so it's easier to start the hunt for the perfect engagement ring.

Private Messages

Do you want to have your thin band ring engraved on the inside? That’s what couples often do as a way to further personalize the ring. So, if you are considering a private engraving inside your band, don’t forget to discuss this with your jeweler. They’ll be able to advise you of just how thin you can go with your engagement ring and still allow the engraver to do his work—so it will be legible. And if you do opt for engraving the inside, make sure to tell your jeweler to place the inscription (as much as possible) on the side of the band. This is just in case sometime later you need to re-size the ring. None of these sentimental words will be lost then!

Armed with all this info, it should be an easier task deciding if the thin band engagement ring style is the one for you. Your choices are nearly limitless today. Designers have brought us so many beautiful styles, there is sure to be one that is perfect for you. Even so, don’t forget to consider these delicate ring options that many brides are choosing. You just might find it’s calling your name too!