What is an Infinity Diamond Ring?

What is an Infinity Diamond Ring? - Best Brilliance

One of the things that make our diamond rings so precious to us is the symbolism behind them. Diamond bridal jewelry, always carries the message of precious love—like the precious and rare diamond itself. And importantly, diamond rings covey lasting commitment.

Jewelry With Messages

Each type of diamond jewelry has its specific message. If you’re a fan of diamond jewelry, you may have heard of eternity rings. These elegant rings are distinguished by their alluring diamonds completely encircling the finger.

But we’ve got another type of ring with similar symbolism yet with a very distinctive look all its own. It’s called the Infinity ring. And it might be just the ring you’ve been looking for.

To review a bit, the eternity ring is rich with symbolism. The dramatic look of the eternity band with its diamonds completely encircling the finger makes a very big statement without ever saying a word. Most often eternity bands are given to mark a special milestone, like a notable anniversary, the birth of a child, and other special moments in the couple’s life together.

When Love Lasts Forever

For most people, an infinity ring can have the same significance as those we attribute to an eternity ring.

The unending design of an eternity ring adds a poignant symbolism of eternal love. But the unique and modern styling of an Infinity diamond ring makes it stand out from rings your friends and family may have. Instead of the endless diamond circle displayed in the eternity band, the infinity ring is artfully designed with a sophisticated infinity sign (a sideways figure 8) which also signifies infinite love. Couples that are completely devoted and share a lasting bond can attest to the fact that they feel their love is indeed infinite—no beginning, no end.

Look for the Infinity Design in Jewelry you Love

Depending on the designer, an infinity sign in a ring might be shown on an infinity diamond ring in various ways. You might see some rings incorporating the infinity symbol at the top of the ring where you normally see the center stone. But there are other ways that designers interpret this trending motif. Other jewelers incorporate the infinity symbol into the entire band. This is a very modern interpretation, and some couples even consider the Infinity diamond ring style to be used for both of their wedding bands.

So, if this style appeals to you, the next thing you want to know is what finger and on what hand should you wear your infinity ring. Traditionalists agree that one should wear their infinity diamond ring on the 4th (wedding ring) finger of either hand. But since this is an ‘extra’ statement of love and commitment, you might decide to wear it on the opposite hand from your bridal jewelry. Take a cue from jewelry influencers if you wish and wear it instead (from time to time) of your bridal jewelry.

What if you’re not married, but have a special person in your life that you intend to enjoy for the rest of your days? That’s great too. Go ahead and wear it on the ring finger of your right hand. You’ll love looking down at the ring—and with every glance, you’ll be thinking about your special someone.

Here's a bit of ring trivia you may not have known about. While some people wear their eternity band (the forerunner of the Infinity diamond ring) on the opposite hand from their bridal jewelry, many wearers prefer placing their eternity ring between the wedding ring and their engagement ring. So, take a tip from these diamond collectors. Experiment a bit with how you wear your infinity diamond ring. If you can mix and match it with your other bridal jewelry, and it is comfy, go ahead and wear it that way. You may discover that your infinity diamond ring adds a layering opportunity to your important jewelry.

When to Give an Infinity Diamond Ring

Giving someone an infinity diamond ring can be a very emotional moment for both of you. Most jewelry collectors agree that it is ideal to give an infinity ring to your loved one for these momentous occasions.

  • Birth of a child
  • Special anniversary
  • An important birthday
  • Valentine’s day
  • Christmas or New Year’s Day
  • Something to Think About

Infinity diamond rings add so much significance to a couple’s love story. In every area of our lives, we’re building our story one day at a time. We never want to lose sight of the special moments that make up our life together. And what better way can we mark special moments than with something as precious as diamond jewelry? Just like the engagement ring and wedding band are cherished more and more as time goes by, a beautiful infinity diamond ring can also deepen our sentiments for our special relationship.

Both the giver and the receiver of these rings can feel sentimental about them. If it’s time to mark another special event in your lives together, you may want to consider an infinity diamond ring—so full of meaning. You can add your own story to this ring too---one day at a time.