What is the Complete Marriage Jewellery set?

What is the Complete Marriage Jewellery set? - Best Brilliance

Once you start planning, you realize just how many details there are to get ready for your wedding ceremony. It can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be that way. A list, with some thorough planning, will make you feel in control and most of all, relaxed on that special day.

First Things First

You have to get the engagement ring and the wedding bands of course. That’s a given. But there are more pieces of jewelry set than those that will play a starring role on your big day.

The wedding bands are a cherished part of the ceremony itself. So, you want that detail to be perfect. And don’t forget that your beautiful wedding bands will be photographed a lot—not just by the professional photographer but by the friends and family that want to make sure they’ve captured those spontaneous moments to treasure. That’s why many couples choose matching bands for their beauty and look of togetherness. That’s certainly the day for ‘togetherness’ if there ever was one.

The Picture-Perfect Bride

The beautiful bride wants to complete her look with a marriage jewellery set that complements her gown. Earrings and a pendant are the often most called for items that finish her look to perfection. Leave nothing like this to the last minute. Make sure the pieces you choose photograph well and don’t ‘fight’ with the design of the gown. For instance, if the bodice of the gown is quite complex and detailed, you may discover that simpler—perhaps slim pendant earrings or even diamond studs may finish the look to perfection, while at the same time bringing sparkling light around the face of the radiant bride.

Choosing a diamond pendant or necklace is key as well. If it is to sit on top of the fabric of the gown, make sure it is proportioned correctly so it will add something to the gown—rather than take away from the overall loveliness of the dress. In most cases, if the bodice is high and lacey for instance, you may opt for a simple solitaire diamond pendant to add just a bit more polish to the look. If the gown is strapless or V cut in front, you have more options. Here you may choose a necklace with greater detailing as it will fill the space that’s open on the gown. If you’re wearing a scoop or V neck gown, make sure the bottom of the pendant leaves a few inches before it reaches the fabric of the dress.
Added Touches

Don’t forget to consider a diamond bracelet either. Especially if it’s placed on the opposite side of your engagement ring and wedding band. That can create a balance in your look. A slim diamond tennis bracelet or other delicate bracelets can add sparkle to every hand movement without detracting from your bridal rings.

And Remember the Groom!

Remember to consider the groom when it comes to bridal jewelry. He may welcome some diamond-studded cuff links if his shirt calls for that. Make sure it's flattering to his wedding band.

Your Bridal Party

Now for the bridal party itself. Some brides give gifts of bridal sets jewelry to the bridal party—both the bridesmaids and matron of honor. And also think of the best man and other groomsmen. You can present the gifts before or after the ceremony as a way to thank them for their part in your wedding. It also helps them to cherish the piece more as they will recall the meaningful day, they spent with you. If you select a diamond pendant necklace or delicate bracelet and it coordinates with their clothing-then by all means present the gift before the wedding so they can put them on and wear them in the ceremony. This helps unify the wedding pictures that you will be wearing. The groomsmen and best man may appreciate their cufflinks to complete their look.

And of course, the Fam

The family of the couple is often recipients of special jewelry items as gifts of love and respect before the service itself. For the moms, there are so many choices, from earrings to right-hand rings, bracelets, and of course diamond pendants. You can buy according to their taste and preference. They may want to wear these cherished jewelry items during the wedding itself, knowing that the jewelry will be captured in the family pictures taken that day. The same goes for the father and father-in-law. You know their taste and what would be meaningful to them.

Now’s the time to carefully make a list of all the important people in your life who will attend and take part in your big day. Of course, this may be the biggest day of your life, but to your loved ones who take part in your celebration—it’s also a big day for them. The memories you make that day will last a lifetime for all of you. Special jewelry gifts will enhance the sweet memories and remind your loved ones how much they mean to you. 

Now Relax

Your wedding has so many ‘moving parts' and there’s so much to be planning for. This detail—of selecting your complete marriage jewellery set for your loved ones and friends helping you celebrate will be more treasured as each year goes by.

Take some time and start making your list. You may change some items, and add more as you think of who should be acknowledged at your wedding. When it’s all over and you’ve had time to exhale and reflect on your special day—you’ll be so glad you thought through the jewelry for your entire wedding party. Congratulations!