What is the uniqueness of salt and pepper diamonds?

What is the uniqueness of salt and pepper diamonds? - Best Brilliance

Through every era, the iconic diamond engagement ring has stood out as a timeless symbol of unity and commitment between a couple. It’s the most loving piece of jewelry we’ll ever own, and it’s rich with a sentiment.

Many modern brides however are eager to break ties with their mother’s and grandmother’s traditions and forge a new way to memorialize their love story—so they have nixed the diamond ring idea. Until now. A completely new and exciting type of diamond holds broad appeal for modern brides who are looking to create their customs and new traditions. We applaud that direction!

Something Old but Very New

The ‘different type’ of a diamond is a fascinating one with a very personalized story for the wearer. We’re talking salt and pepper diamonds. And yes, they are a real thing!

Besides choosing the setting which certainly personalizes your engagement ring look, you can now opt for a stunning salt and pepper diamond as the star of your engagement ring. The stone’s extremely unique qualities, every single one is distinct, help create that one-of-a-kind ring that’s as unique as its wearer.

Because salt and pepper diamonds are so unusual, many people are left wondering what they are and if in fact, these diamonds are something ‘new’. To answer that, salt and pepper diamonds are genuine earth mined diamonds without any man-made treatments applied to them. They have been around as long as colorless diamonds have been found. They are colorless diamonds that have a multitude of natural inclusions embedded within the crystal creating some sort of “one-off” pattern. The inclusions can be black, or white, or even display a natural color.

Included for Beauty

Most all-natural diamonds have inclusions of one sort or another. However, they are often so small that they are indistinguishable to the naked eye. But with salt and pepper diamonds, they are large—and visible without the aid of a jeweler’s loupe. They may create an ethereal dramatic impression, making the viewer stop and take a second look. Some salt and pepper diamonds seem dark and mysterious, while others seem ethereal with their pale inclusions.

What they lack in traditional sparkle, they more than makeup in the originality department. Therefore, you’ll see salt and pepper diamonds polished into beautiful cuts, unlike standard diamond shapes. Rose cuts are one popular shape produced with salt and pepper diamonds. Kite shapes and other unexpected silhouettes captivate the salt and pepper diamond shopper today. Some daring jewelry artists have even set rough crystal (unpolished) salt and pepper diamonds in jewelry to further enhance its extraordinary vibe. 

A Designers Dream

Because they are unlike anything else on the market, designers have a wonderful time creating rings as distinct as the stones. You’ll be pleased to know that these natural earth-mined diamonds are often sold at very affordable prices. They are as durable as you’d expect from a natural diamond and will give you a lifetime of enjoyment. If you’d like a diamond that’s rich with storytelling potential, and obviously unlike anyone else’s diamond, then you may want to consider a salt and pepper diamond engagement ring.

Since you’re in the market for something unique, that will never be seen elsewhere, you can get even more creative by pairing your salt and pepper diamond with colorless higher clarity stones for a sophisticated look. There are also colored gemstones that will pair beautifully with salt and pepper diamonds to give you a couture effect. Their versatility is one of their most alluring features.

There has never been a time in history when the bride has been in greater control with more options at her disposal when it comes to selecting this most important jewelry item of her life. Your personality can shine through the engagement ring you choose. There has never been another love story like yours—so why should your engagement ring be hum-drum?

For a Love Like Yours

Choose what you want but don’t overlook these exciting diamond varieties—the salt and pepper diamond. Make sure you purchase from a reputable dealer who understands these diamond types and can guide you to the ones that will please you. The finest quality salt and pepper diamonds convey a personality and a beauty all their own. And think of the women who wonder if they will get the same diamond back from the jewelry repair bench. While that rarely happens, in the case of salt and pepper diamonds—you have nothing to worry about. There are simply no two salt and pepper diamonds that are alike owing to their unique inclusions. Rest easy!

Remember, you will be wearing your engagement ring along with your wedding band for the rest of your life and it will become the most treasured piece of jewelry that you’ll ever own. You’re not a cookie-cutter gal—and your engagement ring should not be either. We think these diamonds are a keeper!