What’s So Special About Tennis Bracelets?

What’s So Special About Tennis Bracelets? - Best Brilliance

What’s shimmering and wraps around your wrist like a dazzling ribbon of light? That would be a diamond tennis bracelet. And while it’s not a new design, it will always be in style. We could say the diamond tennis bracelet is so classic it can be worn by young girls or mature ladies. The tennis bracelet can be worn for daytime casual, but can also be just the right accessory for a formal evening dress. In other words, there’s no place the tennis bracelet can’t be worn.

The Style Makes it Timeless

Its gorgeous design keeps the shimmering diamond tennis bracelet an all-time favorite amongst so many jewelry collectors. It’s loved for its dazzling display of light and timeless beauty. But perhaps you have sometimes wondered what is the story behind the name of the tennis bracelet. We have. So, we did a bit of digging to uncover the celebrity-studded background for this jewelry must-have. Exactly where did the diamond tennis bracelet acquire its unique name? Explore this story with us and learn about the brilliant history behind this uniquely beautiful diamond bracelet and why it’s become one of the most iconic statement pieces today.

We like to think that every woman’s jewelry box should have certain foundation pieces that can take her from office to dinner parties. These are the diamond jewelry essentials from which you build a beautiful jewelry wardrobe over time. The diamond tennis bracelet belongs in this group.

First Another Name

At the time that the tennis bracelet earned its special name, they were already being made and adored by diamond fans everywhere, owing to its great versatility. But earlier they were just called diamond line bracelets for the simplicity of their design. While many of the first so-called line bracelets were set with square (or princess cut) diamonds, they could also have been set with classic round brilliant cut diamonds. We’ve seen some imaginative tennis bracelets set with marquise-cut diamonds too, for an exotic twist on their classic appeal.

Way back in 1987, long before many of us were wearing any jewelry---this story began. At that time, popular tennis pro-Chrissy Evert was watched eagerly by tennis buffs the world over, not just in the US.

During the US Open of that year, while Chris was playing her match, she was wearing a diamond line bracelet. Chris was known to be very feminine on and off the court. When her diamond line bracelet unexpectedly fell off her wrist during a vigorous match on the court, she was heard to say "I dropped my tennis bracelet". The chair umpire gave her time to find and place her bracelet back on so it didn’t get lost or damaged. And ever since then, the diamond line bracelets have been called tennis bracelets. The attention from this iconic moment in sports (and jewelry) history meant that these bracelets also got a tremendous boost in popularity from the incidence. Young girls and society ladies everywhere were all were seen sporting their Chris Evert-style ‘tennis bracelet’.

Who Wears a Tennis Bracelets?

With its ‘sports’ history, you could say that this lovely diamond tennis bracelet is the ideal accessory item for any sporty woman or active person. There are several details about the bracelet that make it a comfortable yet stylish jewelry item. The way the diamond bracelet is manufactured adds to its flexibility. Each station (or area where the diamond is set) is linked to the next, so there’s a great deal of movement in the bracelet. Also, it’s quite lightweight and that was a characteristic made on purpose. While Chris (and any active person) wants to look fashionable, you also don’t want to have a heavy piece of jewelry on your wrist that could be bothersome. The diamonds are special ‘low-set’ so that they are not only comfy to wear but were less likely to get banged up or damaged while playing a sport like a tennis—or simply out for the day doing normal errands. For anyone today who lives an active lifestyle, yet wants to have their favorite jewelry on when they leave the house, the diamond tennis bracelet offers the perfect option.

When shopping for a quality tennis bracelet, make sure you buy one with a safety clasp. That’s a second closure over the main one and provides that extra layer of protection against it becoming accidentally lost. This way—you won’t repeat what happened to Chrissy Evert on the tennis court. Because in normal life, there won’t be anyone to ‘stop the action’ so you can look for your bracelet. All fine jewelry should be fitted with safety clasps which are a second way to guard against loss or damage.

Keep Your Diamond Tennis Bracelet Clean

Have a reputable jeweler inspect your tennis bracelet annually to ensure that the diamonds are secure in their setting. Ask them to professionally clean your bracelet while you’re there

Always remove your diamond tennis bracelet and place it safely in a secure spot (that you can remember!) before doing daily tasks like washing the dishes, showering, or even while doing garden work. Any of these activities can promote residue build-up on your diamond tennis bracelet and other jewelry.

The diamond tennis bracelet has had a long and charming history behind it. It was a coveted jewelry item before it got its storied name, the “tennis bracelet”. But it was never a short-lived fad. Throughout the decades, the diamond tennis bracelet has become one of the most sought-after pieces of feminine jewelry owing to its beauty and versatility. This must-have jewelry item is the perfect choice for day to evening wear. Your diamond tennis bracelet will also become a cherished heirloom to one day give to someone special. It will be just as loved then as when you first wore it.