Should I Buy an 18K Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring?

The metal chosen for fine jewelry helps reveal how exclusive the piece really is. For example, 18K gold is a sought after precious metal, and it is the only metal used in many European couture design brands. The reason is simple. 18K gold contains a higher content of pure gold to the alloy. 18K gold is 75% pure gold together with the other metals, and results in a lustrous metal with a rich sheen.

18K rose gold is becoming one of the hottest precious metals in today’s market. Besides being a high-end metal, the sumptuous look of 18K rose gold makes each jewelry piece a stand out item --- the envy of all who see it. 18K rose gold engagement rings are not only precious and valuable, but their sophisticated appeal makes them sought after by today’s stylish brides.

This beautiful metal first came in vogue early in the 20th century. 18K rose gold first saw popularity with expensive fine timepieces and soon became the sought-after choice for brides with exquisite taste. Today, top designers are once again choosing 18K rose gold for their bridal jewelry designs. Feminine and distinctive, the bride wearing a rose gold engagement ring is recognized for her good taste and individual style.

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