Halo Flecks Rings

She’s an angel and everyone should know this—especially her. What could be better then, than getting a halo setting to shout your feelings to world, especially when set with Flecks Diamond - our proprietary stone enrobed in diamond.

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Halo Flecks Diamond Rings

The halo setting is perhaps one of the most ingenious ring settings of all time. Not only does it put a shimmering glow around the center Flecks Diamond, but the halo with its countless reflecting facets make the center stone appear mush larger and more sumptuous. Tso it’s no wonder why today’s brides have fallen in love with the halo style engagement ring setting. And there’s a good reason for this adoration.

The halo is comprised of accent stones to surround a center stone with a shimmering ring of light emanating from the many accent stones caressing the center Flecks Diamond. The surrounding halo can be created from round brilliant stones—but they could also be pear shape or other fancy shapes. Those extra facets enhance the dazzle of the ring. Plus, the surrounding halo makes any center stone appear brighter because of the halo’s additional light reflections coming back to the eye. So the center Flecks Diamond appears larger than it actually is—and no one would complain about that now, would they? Halos deliver a glamorous, sophisticated allure to modern jewelry options, and it may be perfect for you!