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Heart Cut Lab Grown Diamond Rings

A lab grown diamond is an extraordinary jewel for any bride who demands an exquisite diamond that is lively, icy white, pristine in its clarity and beautifully cut. That’s a pretty tall order with a natural earth mined diamond. You can find them of course but you may get sticker shock at their huge price tag. That’s because those stones are exceedingly rare. With a heart shape lab grown diamond, it’s a different story altogether. The lab grown diamonds are specifically created to deliver the most colorless stones in pristine condition, yet their prices remain very affordable.

You might have figured out now that heart shape diamonds are difficult to cut and require diamond polishers who are expert in this particular task. The cleft in the top middle of the heart must be cut just right, the rounded wings of the heart have to be symmetrical and pleasingly curved, the lines of the belly and all the way down to the pointed tip must be precision cut to look attractive.

So, you can imagine the skill set needed to create the perfect heart that will tell your love story perfectly also. The heart shape lab grown diamond conveys a very romantic story, and after all, an engagement ring is all about love and heartfelt commitment, isn’t it? We really can’t think of a more feminine and romantic diamond shape than the heart.

From antique styles to the most up to date solitaire setting, the heart shape diamond will fit perfectly into the mounting of your choice. You’ll be glad you opted for the lab grown diamond when shopping for your engagement ring. With its sustainable nature, and eco-friendly traits, you are buying according to your ethics as well as your love of a gorgeous ring. Now more than any other time in history, you can shop for a spectacular stone that will you’ll cherish for your entire life, while still honoring your ethics. The heart tells your story beautifully, and the lab grown diamond is today’s smart choice.

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