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Hidden Halo Engagement Rings

We love the hidden aspect of these stunners. After all, these lovely rings have more than what meets the eye at first glance. And in a way, isn’t that a lot like its wearer? You have a deeper story than what people initially see. Your beauty sometimes needs a second glance to understand. Enjoy these hidden halos and let us know which one is calling your name!

There’s a lot to you that isn’t always obvious at first glance isn’t there? Just like you, your hidden halo rings is best admired by you — its adoring wearer. But you can choose to share the somewhat hidden story of your hidden halo ring. The artful construction of your ring is another detail not to be missed. Delight your friends and family by showing them that there’s even more to this gorgeous ring than they first saw. Hidden halo rings are the latest designer’s style with a couture flair — and you’re the one who sees its charm before everyone else.

The stunning Hidden Halo. You’ll want to pay close attention to this innovative setting. Could there possibly be a setting that is modern and so stylish that you’ll want to make this your own from the first moment you lay eyes on it? We’re talking about the hidden halo engagement ring style. Now we know that the halo setting is one of the most sought after diamond ring styles today. And of course, we love them too. But this exciting twist on the traditional halo style ring brings with it another layer of personal joy. That’s because you have to look closely to see the scintillating accent diamonds that are placed on the side of the center stone—usually around the girdle of the solitaire diamond. We’ve also seen some innovative placement of the accent stones completely underneath the solitaire.

Can it dazzle like any other setting? You bet! Light is captured from angles reaching the hidden halo and reflected back to the eye in a spectacular way. What is the effect of this clever placement you wonder? You’ll be glad to know this designer style makes the center stone appear up to 15% larger in size. Nothing wrong with that now is there?

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