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Pave side stones lab grown ring

Jewelry collectors are entranced with high-end looking designs featuring the Pavé side stones. This stone setting style was specifically created to allow small (melee) stones to cover the entire surface of part or all of an item of jewelry. Pavé is actually a French word meaning paved or even pavement. The overall impression of myriad tiny diamonds set next to each other creates the look of a solid ‘pavement’ of pure diamonds. It’s really quite dazzling. The pavé workmanship creates an endless sparkle all over the item as if the entire piece were painted with solid diamonds. It’s quite dramatic, and suits several design styles, especially those where you want to fill in the entire area with shimmering diamonds for maximum sparkle.

Pieces set in pavé style most often use diamonds of .1ct or smaller to create the pavé. As amazing as it seems, pavé diamond settings usually hold the small diamonds quite securely in their place. Each diamond is held in place individually, so care is taken to make it permanent. Although consumers don’t have to know this, the trade separates the system of pave work into 3 distinct categories relating to the size of the diamonds being used. Your ring might be set with a micro, a petite, or a standard pavé setting. Micro and petite pavé settings are both set with tiny beads or prongs holding the stones in place. These 2 groups are smaller than standard pavé setting. Micro pavé uses the very smallest size melee diamond, followed in a bit larger size called the petite pavé, and finally the largest diamonds, although still quite small, are standard pavé.

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