Pear Flecks Rings

A pear shape diamond is a connoisseur’s muse—it has so much going for it. It is sometimes referred to as the tear drop shape, too, for its charming resemblance to a perfectly shaped tear on the cheek. Our gorgeous and luxurious Flecks Diamond—our proprietary stone enrobed in diamond, is what engagement dreams are made of.

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Pear Flecks Diamond Rings

This intriguing pear cut Flecks Diamond combines the best of two elite diamond shapes rolled into one. It has elements of both the round brilliant cut and the aristocratic and chic marquise cut. Because of the way the eye is drawn along the entire length of a pear flecks diamond cut stone, it often look larger than its actual carat size. No one would complain about that would they? The artistic facet arrangement on pear shaped stones makes for a real scene stealer because the shapes and layout of the facet plan was specifically designed to optimize the stone’s sparkle. That means your ring will be admired from across the room.

The lady wearing a pear cut piece of jewelry from our Flecks Diamond collection portrays that extra touch of class with every casual gesture of her hand. How to wear this special cut? Most wearers prefer to orient their pear-shaped ring with the point facing away from them (or towards their fingernails) It lends an impression of a longer elegant finger, making the hand appear even lovelier and more expressive.