Platinum Flecks Rings

Platinum metal has a long and storied history. First used by ancient natives to South America it was rediscovered by a Spanish mariner in the mid-18th century. But it took many centuries more before this metal began to be singled out as a noble metal for high-end jewelry application.

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Platinum Flecks Diamond Rings

By the Art Deco era it was established with the royal houses of Europe as being the favorite metal and has never lost its fan base.

Platinum is a hefty durable white metal that creates a desirable soft luster over time. For luxe jewels like Flecks Diamonds - platinum is perfect. Holding the same style ring made of gold contrasted to the same thing fabricated from platinum you will be quite surprised at the weightiness of platinum. It is also more difficult to work with at the jeweler’s bench, requiring special training and special tools. But the end result is sublime. Unlike white gold which requires a rhodium plating to ensure its white gleam (and occasional replating) platinum is a naturally white metal and will stay that way forever. One thing to be aware of is that platinum will soften its sheen over time and create a satiny patina rather than a stark shine. Most collectors love that look and wait for it to develop. But if you’re a high-polish fan, your platinum jewelry with gorgeous Flecks Diamonds can get a quick buff at the jeweler’s shop and come back looking showroom perfect. Your call!