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Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

It has a complex facet pattern with a softly-clipped corner square design. The abundant faceting on the stone creates an endless display of sparkle to the stone. Colored diamonds are often cut in this shape to enhance their tints. You’ll often see this cut produced on very high-end colorless diamonds — because the elite diamond collector has always had a preference for this chic diamond cut.

The outline of the radiant cut diamond ring lends itself to many haute couture styles. Some people believe the cut itself is so outstanding that it is best suited to star in a solitaire ring or pendant, or even stud earrings. That way nothing interferes with enjoying this intricate facet pattern that makes up a radiant cut diamond. Other diamond connoisseurs place interesting side stones next to their central radiant diamond. Something equally striking but not stones that will fight for attention. Tapered baguettes fill that role to perfection. The radiant cut diamond rings are so chic they demand to be admired for their own charm.

The name radiant sounds positively angelic, doesn’t it? A bride to-be feels radiant as she prepares for the biggest step in her life—making a new life together with the one she loves. So, with that in mind, the radiant shape diamond is a match made in heaven for bridal jewelry.

But what exactly is the radiant shape stone? With some similarities to the Asscher cut, the radiant shares the squarish outline with clipped corners like the Asscher has. But notice different facet shapes, especially on the pavilion side of the stone. It’s there that you recognize the difference between the two. Owing to a more complex facet pattern on the underside of the radiant cut, these stones seem more complex and intriguing in how they handle light. They have become a popular and versatile diamond shape for brides. Their distinctive look and alluring facet patterns produce a coveted diamond shape suitable for so many mountings.

Once you are familiar with this stone shape, you’ll discover that while some radiant stones are true square in shape, they can also be cut a bit longer on one side, like a 1:1.2 ratio. They are stunning when set with either baguette side stones, half-moons, or even with round accent diamonds.

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