Radiant Flecks Rings

The radiant shaped cut is aptly named for its beaming beauty There is certainly an ultra-luxurious look to a radiant cut Flecks Diamond.

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Radiant Flecks Diamond Rings

While it’s not as well-known as some other popular shapes, it is an unforgettable shape that oozes class, making one stop and take notice the moment anyone wears this sumptuous gemstone cut. A luxurious Flecks Diamond—our proprietary stone enrobed in diamond makes the radiant cut stand out from all the rest. The reasons for this are pretty straightforward. The radiant cut has a complex facet pattern distinguished by its softly clipped-corner square facet layout. The rich and abundant faceting on both the upper and lower parts of the stone creates an endless display of sparkle with light reflecting from every facet. You’ll often find the radiant cut appearing on very high-end colorless diamonds, because a knowledgeable diamond collector has a preference for this chic stone cut.

The radiant shape stone lends itself to many haute couture jewelry designs. There are those who believe the radiant Flecks Diamond itself is so breathtaking that it is ideally suited as the centerpiece in a solitaire ring or pendant, or even stud earrings. Other jewelry connoisseurs enjoy seeing interesting accent stones next to their central radiant stone. Tapered baguettes fill that role to perfection. The radiant cut stone is so captivating that it demands to be admired for its own charm.