Rose Gold Flecks Rings

Romantic and feminine, rose gold (also sometimes referred to as pink gold) is becoming popular for its lady-like vibe paired with icy white Flecks Diamonds or more daringly with pink stones of any kind.

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Rose Gold Flecks Diamond Rings

Rose gold may look as fresh as tomorrow morning, but you could be surprised to learn that it made a debut onto the jewelry scene in the 1930s. It’s first use was with men’s tank watches of all things. But it didn’t take long for this delicate alluring color to hop over to the jewelry niche.

Rose (or pink) gold was created by alloying copper to yellow gold The result is a pleasing blushing hue. With white gold of course, whiter metals like nickel are used to transform the yellow gold into a white tone. That copper alloy lends a blushing pink tint to the gold and has become a designer’s muse. When it comes to Flecks Diamonds bridal jewelry, rose gold has become a big hit. It lends a very distinct personal look to all the jewelry made with it. Because wrist watches and other jewelry is being fashioned from rose gold today, it can become your signature metal and you can create an entire jewelry wardrobe with this individual metal choice.