Solitaire Flecks Rings

It is said that you can’t out go perfection. And there is something to be said for that when choosing the timeless solitaire setting so make it a Flecks Diamond with a luxurious look—our proprietary stone enrobed in diamond.

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Solitaire Flecks Diamond Rings

A solitaire’s timeless and elegant appeal can make the biggest impression for an engagement ring setting. While it is a simple way to showcase the center stone, yet it delivers a chic message that says everything about this ring is sheer perfection. Simply put, a solitaire mounting is band band in your favorite metal color and finish plus one dazzling Flecks Diamond center stone mounted to appear on center stage. It’s the absolute ideal way to present whatever center stone you’ve selected.

So whatever stone shape you decide upon a solitaire mounting will make a beautiful statement. There is something so luxurious about a Flecks Diamond in all its simplicity that speaks volumes about your fine taste.

The solitaire mounting is a classic way to set your center stone without any design distractions that would take the ‘wow’ away from admiring your beautiful center stone. So, whether you select a large Flecks Diamond or a petite one, the solitaire setting makes either stone the showcase you intended. Its enduring style is both on-trend and timeless at the same time. So your solitaire setting will look as fresh and alluring decades from now as it does today.