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Solitaire Lab Grown Diamond Ring

Many brides believe you can’t top the solitaire setting for memorable bridal jewelry. It simply shows fine taste so effortlessly---now and forever. Not only are solitaire settings high end looking, but they stand the test of time. Just like your love, these elegant engagement ring styles are made to endure a lifetime—and look as new and exciting as your first kiss.

The solitaire lab grown diamond engagement ring holds special appeal for many consumers shopping for that one perfect engagement ring. By choosing lab grown diamonds for your most important ring, you’re assured of the most desirable diamond traits that you can imagine.

Usually, high color and clarity paired with carat size cost a king’s ransom. But with lab grown diamonds, you get what you want, in sizes you never thought possible, all at very affordable price points. Who doesn’t love that? When you pair these lab grown stunners with a chic solitaire setting, you’re all set for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Solitaire engagement ring settings are popular for the pristine way they showcase your central diamond. So whether you opt for a classic round brilliant shape (still the world’s most popular diamond shape) or any of the wonderful shapes like marquise, oval or even heart, your diamond is front and center for all to admire. Trends and styles come and go over time and that’s perfectly fine. But some shoppers want to fall in love with their diamond engagement ring and make it their forever choice. You simply won’t find another setting that tops the solitaire band holding a stunning diamond for all to admire. Prepare for compliments—they come easy with this lab grown diamond ring choice.

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