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Three Stone Lab Grown Diamond Rings

We collect jewelry for very personal reasons and looking at them makes us treasure them all the more as time goes by. Even more than their financial investment is the deep sentiment behind the piece. We’d just never trade it for anything once they are meaningful to us.

Here’s a most intriguing ring style; take a look at the 3 stone Lab grown diamond ring. It’s got so much going for it. In addition to the benefits of a lab grown diamond (beauty and sustainability!) the 3 stone style is a clear winner for most people who want their ring to be an expression of their personal life.

For some people, the 3 stone ring has come to symbolize yesterday, today, forever. Others, perhaps those with blended families look at their 3 stone ring to mean you, me, us—as in our blended fam! Whatever meaning you attach to a 3 stone ring will be a storyteller for others who admire it, and also a very personal reminder to yourself of the deep story you have carved out with your life. With lab grown diamonds in a 3 stone ring you’re assured of high quality---sensational clarity, and the colorlessness that you’ve dreamt of, but at an affordable price that you’ll never say no to! Now that’s win win in the storytelling department.

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