Best Brilliance

GemScribe Theft Protection

Your Best Brilliance™ diamond is a precious symbol of your love and is a significant investment meant to be treasured for years to come. We want to help give you peace of mind with your diamond through our Laser Inscription service. This extra layer of protection ensures that you will always be able to identify your diamond by a microscopic inscription placed on the girdle of your stone.

This unique numbered inscription is visible through a microscope or with a loupe, although not visible to the naked eye. It does not adversely affect the value of your diamond. But it does perform the critical task of making your diamond positively identified in case of theft, loss or when it has been out of your possession.

Laser inscribed diamonds from Best Brilliance include a certificate with the unique laser-inscribed number referenced. Please check the product description on our website for the diamond you have selected to determine if it is laser inscribed.