Conflict Free | Diamonds

We hear a lot of phrases used today to express consumer preference for ethically sourced products and best business practices. When it comes to diamonds, a phrase we often hear is Conflict Free. But what does that actually mean to the consumer who wants to support ethically sourced diamonds?

Very simply, Conflict Free Diamonds are those who have met with the highest standards of production and sourcing--and have the paper trail to prove it. Conflict-free diamonds were mined in accordance with the strictest labor and environmental standards. Furthermore, the diamonds produced under these strict guidelines are certified to be free from financing civil wars, and violence of any kind whatsoever.

The Kimberly Process came into existence in order to regulate the diamond trade and to ensure that conflict diamonds, whose profits finance violent activity and are produced without regard to human rights do not enter the pipeline.

Best Brilliance™ also adopts these policies of safeguarding the human rights of those engaged in mining, and only acquires diamonds with verifiable certificates proving them to be Conflict Free. Best Brilliance accomplishes this guarantee in several ways starting with doing business exclusively with the industry’s most reputable suppliers.

If at any point a source proves not to be a vetted member of the diamond trade, we will not work with them. Likewise, all suppliers we engage enter into binding contracts guaranteeing that the diamonds offered are from Conflict Free sources. Should any of our suppliers be discovered to be violating Kimberly Process standards at any later point, Best Brilliance shall sever the business relationship immediately.

Best Brilliance is proud to offer only diamonds that have passed the highest scrutiny of ethical sourcing and best business practices. Diamonds guaranteed to be in compliance with the Kimberly Process are important to us, and we know they are important to our customers.

Diamonds sourced for Best Brilliance come from around the globe. In some of these nations, diamonds provide a major source of economic stability to the region, providing a livelihood and healthcare to thousands. Learn more by visiting

Purchase your diamonds at Best Brilliance with complete assurance that they have passed the most rigorous standards guaranteeing them to be Conflict Free.