Customer Service

At Best Brilliance, we pledge to exceed your expectations with our Customer Care. To learn more about our services at (866) 978-4466


We offer fully insured shipping via FedEx ® free to you for the outgoing purchase and for all returns back to us for every worldwide location.


Our complimentary 30-day return policy gives you that extra layer of confidence in being 100% satisfied with your purchase. You may return your order (free return shipping) within 30 days for either a full refund or an exchange.

Discreet Confidential Packaging

Your shipment is carefully packaged to arrive in perfect condition, in an unmarked discreet package. You will be delighted with the beautiful ring presentation box and other jewelry packaging that holds your purchase.


Best Brilliance offers a complimentary ring resizing within the first 30 days.

Convenient Payment and Financing Options

To make your payments more convenient, we offer Affirm payments over time with clearly stated finance charges and no hidden fees. You always know exactly what your payments will be up front.

We Want to Say Thank You to All Who Serve

Our program was created to show our appreciation for eligible Military, Government, Teachers, Firefighters, Police Officers, Sheriffs, Sherriff’s Deputies, Correctional Officers, State Troopers, and Law Enforcement Officers, EMTs, Paramedic and 911 Dispatchers. It’s our pleasure to honor those eligible via verification at check out with a 10% discount. It’s our way of saying Thank You for your service.

Our Warranty

we stand behind every purchase with our guarantee of the quality of our jewelry. The Best Brilliance 1-Year Warranty and available Extended Warranty (collectively referred to as “Warranty” herein) is an extension of this commitment.

Diamond Laser Inscription

We safeguard your Best Brilliance diamonds, via GemScribe Theft Protection laser inscription discreetly placed microscopically on the girdle of your stone. Its unique number inscribed is visible only through a loupe or microscope creating a non-destructive positive identification of your diamond. Your diamond is accompanied by a certificate with the stone’s unique number on it.

Gift Certificates

We offer Gift Certificates as a beautiful way to allow the recipient to select what he / she would like from our vast inventory. It’s the perfect gift that’s always welcome.

Complimentary Ring Sizing

We will size your ring free of charge. There are many ways to discover your correct ring size prior to ordering. Visit to learn more.

Personal Consultation

Buying an engagement ring and any diamond jewelry is a big decision. We’re here to help you make the choice that’s perfect for your taste and budget. We want to help guide you prior to your purchase so you will have confidence in your decision. Contact us (866) 978-4466 or and allow our diamond experts to assist you personally with your purchase.

Track Your Order

After your order has been placed, you can track it online once the FedEx tracking number has been generated and determine the expected delivery date.

International Policies

We proudly offer our extensive collection of jewelry and loose diamonds to customers around the world. Our international policies apply to orders shipped to destinations outside the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. For specific terms & conditions regarding these international shipments, contact your Best Brilliance Customer Service representative.

Place an Order

International orders can be conveniently placed by phone or through our website. Your customer service representative will be happy to assist you in placing your order over the phone or by email.


When you pay by bank wire transfer, please note that your order will be processed after your payment via bank wire has been received. All prices are specified in US dollars (USD). Transactions will be converted into your local currency based on the bank rates at the time the transaction is processed. Consult your bank for complete details. Best Brilliance currently accepts PayPal or bank wire payments from our international customers outside of the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. Bank wire payments are accepted for orders of a minimum of $500 USD or more. Please make payment arrangements through your bank. International bank wires are subject to a $35 processing fee by Best Brilliance. After you place an order using an International bank wire transfer, a customer service representative will give you the account information that you must provide your bank to facilitate transfer of funds from your account directly to a Best Brilliance account. This may take a few days for your bank to complete processing the bank wire. Once your bank has successfully transferred the funds, Best Brilliance is immediately notified and your purchase is processed. At this time, we do not accept ACH transfers (which is not the same as a wire transfer). Consult your bank first if you have any questions about the bank wire transfer process, or speak with your customer service representative.


International orders destined for outside of the US will be shipped FedEx® International Priority. A shipping charge of $50 USD will apply to international shipments going outside the US, Canada, the UK, or Australia. Most international shipments outside of the US arrive within two to five business days. However, the customs process in each country may vary; often packages may be held longer. Your Best Brilliance customer service representative will help you determine estimates of shipping delivery times outside the US. Due to insurance requirements, we cannot reroute packages once they have shipped from Best Brilliance to their original destination. Best Brilliance registers and insures all items for their full value, to make sure that your shipment is fully protected during transit from Best Brilliance to your doorstep. As an added precaution, a signature will be required upon delivery of orders above $250 USD. An adult must be available to sign the receipt at the address indicated.

Customs, Duties & Taxes

Before receiving your international order, the customs office of the destination country may apply customs fees, import duties, taxes, and other charges. Customs policies vary from country to country. All charges imposed for customs clearance are the responsibility of the recipient. For orders shipped to Canada, the UK, or Australia, Best Brilliance collects the relevant GST/PST/HST/VAT based on the destination where the order is being shipped. There are no additional duties for orders shipped to Canada, or Australia. For orders shipped to the UK, Best Brilliance collects the relevant duties for each order. Taxes and duties on orders will be calculated based on the rates in effect on the specific date your order ships. For orders shipped to other countries, please contact your country’s customs office if you require further information regarding applicable tax or duty rates there. Of course, you are always welcome to contact a customer service representative at Best Brilliance.

Third Party Brokerage

In certain instances, third party brokerage may be required to fulfill shipments in some countries (For example: shipments to France may require third party brokerage). Best Brilliance does not exercise any control over third party brokerage, and as such, is unable to undertake responsibility to review third party brokerage content and policies.


Best Brilliance orders shipped outside of the US, Canada, UK, and Australia may not be in accordance with specific standards set by the destination country indicated in the shipping address. For questions regarding any possible restrictions to your shipping destination, please speak with your customer service representative. Best Brilliance is not responsible for determining which products can be legally imported into countries outside of the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

Returns, Exchanges & Resizing

For orders shipped internationally, we cannot offer ring resizing since taxes are levied every time a jewelry item crosses the border. To learn more about Best Brilliance policies, please contact a customer service representative.

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