Personal Jewelrywarranty policy

At Best Brilliance, we understand that jewelry is an investment in yourself or in someone you care for, so we stand behind your purchases with a guarantee which demonstrates to you that we believe in the quality of our jewelry and value your continued business.Developed at the request of our customers, the Best Brilliance 1-Year Warranty and available Extended Warranty (collectively referred to as “Warranty” herein) is an extension of this commitment.


Best Brilliance guarantees the material and workmanship of your purchase. With proof of purchase, we will repair or replace your precious stone mounting or ring free of charge if any defects are found during the first year of ownership. If your jewelry becomes damaged as a result of manufacturer defect, Best Brilliance will repair or replace the damaged item, at our discretion, free of charge, including shipment from Best Brilliance to you.


Beyond its 1-Year Limited Warranty, Best Brilliance is pleased to offer extended warranty coverage of your jewelry beyond the first year of ownership at the following rates (payable at time of purchase) and terms:

3 year Extended Warranty—$249.00

5 year Extended Warranty—$375.00

10 year Extended Warranty—$599.00

All Extended Warranty purchasers enjoy:

  • Free shipping on all purchases under $5,000.00 for delivery within the United States (International customers are responsible for additional shipping and customs fees.Purchases valued above $5,000.00 are subject to additional shipping and insurance fees)
  • Free ring sizing adjustment*. If, during the Extended Warranty term, you are not satisfied with the sizing of your ring, Best Brilliance will adjust the ring by up to 1 size level with no charge, including shipment from Best Brilliance to you.
  • Yearly rejuvenation—send your item(s) to Best Brilliance once a year for rejuvenation, including free inspection of your item(s), free cleaning, free dipping and polishing with rhodium finish, free repair of normal wear and tear** of rings, and free return shipping.
  • Side diamond replacement—any side diamonds that fall out of a piece of jewelry as a result of normal wear and tear** or due to manufacturer’s defect are entitled to have those side diamonds re-mounted free of charge.Best Brilliance will replace up to a total of 0.1 Carat per year of side diamonds that fall out and are lost (limited to 3 side diamonds in any 12-month period from the date of purchase).


*Adjustments greater than 1 size level from the original purchased size are available at additional cost.

*Items damaged as a result of excessive or abusive treatment, or items that have been repaired by a store or seller other than Best Brilliance are not covered by the Extended Warranty.The Warranty does not cover main stone repair or replacement. If a main stone falls out of its setting, 

Best Brilliance will reset the main stone, if provided by the customer, under the terms of the Warranty.The Warranty does not cover loss or theft of jewelry, damage resulting to the jewelry from loss, theft, or Act of God, or any consequential damages or loss of use resulting from broken or damaged jewelry, or from any delay in our repairing the jewelry.


The Warranty applies only to the original customer or to the original gift recipient of the item from the date of purchase.The Warranty is not transferable.


For any single claim, the limit of liability under the Warranty is the least of (1) the cost of authorized repairs, (2) replacement with a product of like kind and quality, (3) reimbursement for authorized repairs or replacement, or (4) the purchase price you paid for the item, including appropriate sales tax, duties and customs fees.

In the event that the total of all repairs exceeds the purchase price of the item, including appropriate sales tax, duties and customs fees, we will replace the item, or we will reimburse you for replacement of the item or the purchase price paid for the item, at our discretion, and we shall have then satisfied all of our obligations under the Warranty.


Any purchase of an Extended Warranty is non-refundable.


Except where prohibited by applicable state law, Best Brilliance reserves the right to terminate or cancel this Warranty in accordance with applicable state law in the event of your fraud or misrepresentation or your default under any of the terms and conditions applicable


The above constitutes the entire terms and conditions of the Best Brilliance 1-Year Warranty and the Best Brilliance Extended Warranty.No such terms or conditions may be amended without the mutual written agreement of both parties.