Couple Rings - Matching Wedding rings for the happy couple

Couple Rings - Matching Wedding rings for the happy couple - Best Brilliance

Traditionally, especially a few decades back, men’s and women’s wedding rings were made to match. They were a set, just like the couple who fit so nicely together, and their wedding bands complemented one another. Farther back to the Renaissance we can learn more however. Then wedding bands were cleverly crafted to fit together like puzzle pieces. They were symbolic of the married couple—separate, not so great—but together their whole life fits perfectly.

For a long time, tradition mandated that rings were worn on the left ring finger in homage to the "vein of love," or vena amoris. Romans figured out that there was a vein running from the left ring finger straight to the heart, so who wouldn’t want their wedding ring to be placed on this finger? These matching rings were often crafted in corresponding colors and metals in honor of a couple's unbreakable union. It was a beautiful outward display of their inner commitment to each other. 

Have you found the love of your life? We want to celebrate with you. Got your wedding date set? That’s doubly great. Now’s the time to start looking for your wedding bands. If you’re considering getting complementing or matching wedding bands, we’ve got you covered.  

Couple Rings

The whole history of matching wedding bands is an ancient idea, really. And it has evolved beautifully over time. In the 14th century, dual-ring ceremonies were first introduced in marriages in the Greek Orthodox Church. It took a while for that practice to become globally popular. In the US, it wasn’t popular for men to wear wedding bands until World War II. And that had to do with soldiers wanting to wear their wedding rings to honor their spouses waiting for them faithfully back at home. 

Previously wedding bands were made as sets to convey the union between the couple. But now, there are no hard and fast rules that mandate wedding bands have to match. Still, we think it’s a romantic idea so you may want to consider it. Today, both men’s and women’s wedding bands are so creative that everyone is able to find the perfect matching wedding set that they both adore.

Mismatched wedding bands are still the preference of many modern couples. But sometimes that decision was made because they didn’t know about the variety of ring styles for both men and women. It can be an enlightening experience to discover the vast array of wedding rings for both the bride and groom.

The ideal option for some couples would be matching wedding bands that signify their harmony as a couple. But how can both the bride and groom get exactly what they want and still find it in a matching wedding band set? There are plenty of classic wedding band options today. Crafted from gold, silver, platinum and diamonds, or even colored gemstones, just about any kind of ring one can imagine can be found. And Best Brilliance will be happy to create it for you.  

So, by looking at different options available, together and separately, the two of you will begin to discover your preferences and where you might find your common ground with the metals, or style or both! The more you browse through our rings, the sooner you’ll realize what both of you really like—then the fun starts with finding that set that is ‘you’!

Many women these days prefer wedding bands that sit perfectly flush with their engagement ring. That’s certainly going to be the most comfortable to wear every day. And that’s exactly how you intend to wear your bridal jewelry. Very often wedding bands have diamonds that complement the diamonds on the engagement ring. While white gold or platinum have been top choices for years, rose (or called pink) gold has edged up to be many modern brides favorite metal color. Don’t forget to consider two-toned gold rings however. This variation gives both the bride and groom the greatest flexibility with their wedding ring choices. Most men and women have both white and yellow gold jewelry. You certainly want to be able to wear your other pieces when you wear your wedding bands. If you realize you both wear white and yellow metal jewelry—it’s time to look into matching wedding bands for the couple that are created in two toned gold as a stylish option.

Matching Wedding rings

There are many things the bride and groom do separately from each other. The bridal gown is the most obvious item that the groom should never see before he sees her for the first time as she walks down the aisle. But the wedding bands are not in that category, thankfully. This important part to your wedding should be purchased together so you can both agree on them as a couple.  Since you both will be wearing them every day from now on, wedding bands are a pretty important part of your happily ever after.

Approach buying your matching his and hers wedding bands as a happy event—one of the first exciting decisions you two will make together in your new married life. So that it stays a fun experience, give yourself enough time to start browsing for them at least 3 months before your wedding day. Having them in your possession at least a month before the ceremony is one less thing to worry about in a jam-packed schedule leading up to the wedding.

You don’t have to do your searching alone. You may think there are so many options, that you will never be able to narrow it down to the ‘one’ that you both adore.

This is where we can help. We love to hear about your love story, and learn about your preferences and personal style. Our diamond experts are happy to help with this most important day of your lives together. Since we know all the styles, at every price point—allow us the privilege of assisting you to find your couple’s rings—those gorgeous matching wedding bands that tell your love story. Contact us now and let’s get this party started.