Lyn Gemstone & Diamonds Ring

SKU: LG99928W14 | Lab Grown Diamond | Gemological certificate included
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0.5 Carat
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Regular price$2,000 Sale price$1,500
Save 25%
Price includes main diamond
Regular price$2,000 Sale price$1,500
Save 25%
Price includes main diamond
Your diamond’s cut refers to the quality of its polish. The finish and symmetry also contribute to the diamond’s cut grade. This is not to be confused with a diamond’s shape (like round).
1.5 Carat Standard measure
E Natural, rich colors
VS1 Perfectly Eye Clean
Excellent Perfect brilliance
Oval Preferred style
Diamond Origin
Lab Grown Eco-friendly diamond
Gemological certificate included Guaranteed authenticity
Main Diamond Treatment
Sapphire Diffusion Improved quality
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THE STORY OF Lyn Gemstone & Diamonds Ring

A 6.5 Carat (12x10mm) Blue Lab Grown Sapphire Diffusion Oval Shape is mounted along with 0.50 Carat Side Lab Grown diamonds Halo Style Setting on a delicate shank (Total 7 Carat Lab Grown Ring).

This Ring is Certified by a Third Party Gemological institute.

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