The term fancy color is used to describe genuine earth mined diamonds with a distinct pleasing body color. Since these are produced from the ground with an array of tints, the diamond trade has developed a method to assist with describing and indentifying the vast range of primary colors and secondary (modifier) hues that are possible with fancy color diamonds. Fancy color diamonds can be produced in just about all the colors of the rainbow. Yet each one is exceedingly rare.


Three key criteria assist in describing a fancy color diamond’s color and intensity:

  • The diamond’s primary color (i.e. yellow)
  • The diamond’s secondary color (i.e. brownish)
  • The intensity of the diamond’s color (i.e. fancy, fancy intense, fancy vivid)

Primary and secondary colors appearing in the diamond determine the tone of that stone’s color. 

Color diamonds have classification levels to express the intensity of their fancy colors: Faint, very light, light, fancy light, fancy, fancy intense, fancy vivid/fancy deep/fancy dark. These terms express the strength of their color and are referred to as its intensity. Generally, fancy color diamonds are more valuable as the color intensity increases. 

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