Talk About Treated -v- Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

What are Treated and Clarity Enhanced Diamonds?

The expression treated diamonds are often heard just as much as the phrase clarity enhanced diamonds. But what’s the difference? The expressions can often be used interchangeably. Simply put, clarity enhanced diamonds are genuine earth mined diamonds that have undergone a special laboratory treatment which improves their clarity grade and beauty. So take your pick; say treated diamonds, or clarity enhanced. The choice is yours.


Why is Clarity So Important to a Diamond?

As you’ve probably discovered if you’ve shopped for diamonds lately, a diamond's clarity grade is a big deal. It is one of the critical 4Cs to diamond grading. Clarity expresses how many or few blemishes (also called inclusions) are present in the stone. The higher the clarity, the fewer blemishes there are. Diamond inclusions are a natural part of the crystal's growth. We want a diamond with higher clarity, because it impacts how clear the stone appears and how much sparkle it will display. 

High clarity diamonds are nearly unobtainable, simply because they occur so rarely in nature. But technology has come to the rescue for diamond lovers who want the very best, the very brightest and the biggest stone, all while keeping it affordable. 


How do Diamonds Become Clarity Enhanced?

Clarity enhancement to diamonds answers that call. Genuine earth mined diamonds with lower clarity grades receive an exclusive laboratory treatment which fills the diamond's blemishes with a material that handles light just the way a diamond does. So, these imperfections seemingly disappear. That greatly improves the clarity grade and the diamond appears more dazzling than ever. And importantly, this treatment maintains the integrity of the stone. So the diamond is just as durable as it was before treatment. Clarity enhanced diamonds are more affordable than their natural counterparts that have a higher clarity. So you can  afford a larger, brighter stone than you ever dreamed possible.


Smart Shoppers Choose Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

All of us want to invest wisely today especially when it comes to important purchases that are meant to last a lifetime. Clarity enhanced or clarity treated diamonds are becoming more popular every year for that very reason—they are a smart choice. Whether it’s the first time diamond customer shopping for an engagement ring, or a seasoned jewelry collector looking to add a new diamond to her jewelry wardrobe, clarity enhanced—or treated diamonds are the way to go. ♦

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