Discovering Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

All About Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

The archetypal diamond is a shimmering core of incandescent and immutable beauty. But occasionally, diamonds can be brought back down to earth by slight blemishes and cracks, just like with any other natural gemstone mineral.

You’ve probably heard it said, “Diamonds are Forever.” Fortunately for diamond lovers, this doesn’t have to apply to a diamond’s imperfections. With state-of the-art technology, a diamond with imperfections can actually be aesthetically restored to the state of a diamond with flawless beauty What’s more, the clarity enhanced diamond is virtually identical to an naturally occurring perfect diamond, while still being more affordable.

Filling in the Cracks

This technology, “clarity enhancement,” is something that you might liken to be similar to cosmetic surgery for diamonds in need of a delicate facelift. The fractures (called inclusions) in the diamonds are immaculately treated with a solution that molds into and “closes” the cracks in a similar fashion to tooth fillings.So clarity-enhanced diamonds are also occasionally referred to as “fracture-filled.”

99.9 Percent Perfection

Now here’s something to consider. The process of clarity enhancement does in fact mitigate the visibility of imperfections, but it doesn’t literally eliminate the imperfections altogether.

When you’re shopping for a diamond ring and see a seemingly flawless diamond at a very attractive price, you needn’t necessarily worry that it’s a fake; chances are that it’s simply a clarity-enhanced diamond, and thus still priced at its original value before having gone through its beautification process.

I Spy

Without microscopic vision, it can be exceedingly difficult to eyeball where the former imperfections on a clarity-enhanced diamond may be. Luckily, a microscope can analyze the diamond under magnification to pinpoint exactly where the treatment occurred. The filling employed in clarity enhancement of diamonds characteristically glows with a luminous, neon hue when observed under a scope.

Consider This

Even though a filled diamond is as good-looking as its untreated counterpart, there are precautions to consider. The filling in a clarity enhanced diamond may degrade if exposed to significant flame-generated heat or acidic solutions. Re-cutting may also affect the integrity of the filling. Always inform the jeweler that your diamond is  clarity-enhanced if you ever need it to be worked on after purchase. Communication is key to maintaining the beauty of your clarity enhanced diamond for its lifetime.


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